Boycott gravitational waves
Boycott gravitational waves

The 11th of February 2016 was a special day in physics and in history. On this day scientists announced that they have directly detected gravitational waves, a phenomenon predicted 100 years ago by Albert Einstein.

In Israel, this day was also unusual: Arab terrorists didn’t stab anybody, didn’t run over anybody with their car and didn’t burn alive anybody by throwing Molotov cocktails on Jews.

The gravitational waves were predicted by a scientist and physicist who was born and raised in Germany and became perhaps the most brilliant person in history, but this did not stop  Nazi Germany from burning his writings and putting a bounty on his head. His crime was that he was Jewish but luckily he left and emigrated to the United States in time.

And now let’s skip to the early 21st century and imagine a scientist who is Jewish and Zionist. Imagine that this scientist, like Einstein, was offered the position of being president of Israel and imagine that this scientist is involved in the establishment of a university in Jerusalem that has a campus in the part of the city from which the world officially wants to drive out the Jews (in this case let’s not deal with the fact that unofficially the story is to drive out the Jews “from the river to the sea” which includes the western part of Jerusalem and the whole area of Israel – before and after 1967).

So what would this scientist experience while travelling in the West, attending conferences and giving lectures? The answer is not so hard to find because it is happening all the time: boycott, threats, activists from organizations with close ties to Islamists disrupting the events and physically attacking people attending these events.

And these organizations don’t care that today about the fact that the well-being and health of millions of people, including Palestinians, are dependent on theories and products developed and produced by Israelis, Jews, Zionists. Their pure hatred towards Jews blinds them too much to really care about Palestinians.

They are struggling to present Jews as bloodthirsty and evil. We can find millions of examples by reading any article or blog affiliated with anti-Israeli movements.

These organizations want to bring the same destruction to Jews as Nazi Germany did, but they have far more sophisticated propaganda methods than Goebbels had. The Islamists and their Anti-Semitic allies are working on destruction both with their electronic and non-electronic intifadas and spreading hate and lies to convince naive people that they are fighting for justice. And they are doing a pretty good job, just watch the anti-Israeli protest held outside the Israeli embassy in London on 17 October 2015 where a young girl has absolutely no clue about the Arab-Israeli conflict and doesn’t even know who Mahmoud Abbas is, but she is protesting against Israel. Today they broke into a Brooklyn College meeting for no apparent reason other than disrupting it and shouting to get rid of the Zionists on the faculty.

Or have a look at any article published on The Electronic Intifada, for example on 26 January 2016, titled “Palestinians of South Hevron Hills resist Israeli expulsion” in which they wrote about the “numerous examples of settler violence” and include a 1 minute long video as proof. In this video we can see masked people attacking other people and a date: 8 June, 2008. Do we get it? As proof for the “numerous examples”, all they could find is an 8 year old video and even the content of this video is not absolutely clear.

Today Einstein would be boycotted by a huge number of academic organizations, universities and the whole Arab world. Activists from BDS, CAIR and Students for Justice in Palestine would wave Palestinian flags and chant “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” at his lectures.

And Israel remains and will remain a pioneer in science, physics and healthcare, improve people’s lives, give hope to the hopeless and grant freedom and rights to all her citizens, something that no country in the Arab world is able to do.