Dirty tricks won Iowa for Hillary, Gaza for Sharon
Dirty tricks won Iowa for Hillary, Gaza for Sharon

In horse racing, the Stewards would have posted the photo sign for two horses that reached the wire together.

They would not have tossed a coin. Thoroughbred racing is serious business. Money is on the line.

Politics is different, especially the way Democrats play the game. Only our lives are on the line and only Hillary must win.

Cheating in racing can get you suspended. Cheating in Democrat Politics can get you elected.

So when six counties in Iowa finished so close, a whisker apart between Hillary and her rival, the Communist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, the people in charge of the caucus, the Stewards in other words, decided to toss a coin to determine the winner…and this happened!

All six tosses came up in Hillary’s favor.

I asked gambling expert “Tommy the Tout” how often this can happen and he said, “Rarely to never.”

So Hillary “wins” and watch her crowing about how she won and how she plans to continue onto New Hampshire standing on her record.

Her record shows her to be a ready destroyer of America and a willing enabler to diminish the Jewish State.

Her emails reveal her to be an Obama clone to the extreme and a partner for every scheme intended to harm Israel.

The part that caught my attention was an exchange that discussed how Israel must be “shamed” into making further concessions to Abbas.

Abbas? Glad you brought that up because I’d be just as happy not to know how the Expulsion from Gaza REALLY happened. I read about it right here in my home paper. This was awful news, groundbreaking information that only Arutz Sheva had the guts to print. Read it. You have to, to know what treachery really means.

First let me ask – how many Hamas bombs have fallen on Israel since then, 2005? In three Gaza Wars, how many IDF heroes risked and gave their lives? Of million-plus Israelis along the border, how many have spent their lives running in and out of bomb shelters – children traumatized forever?

Abbas said jump. Sharon said how high?
Of the 9,000 Israelis who led happy creative lives as from Gush Katif they grew cutting edge (worm-free) produce, fruits and vegetables that were a marvel to the world – what happened to them after they were evicted practically overnight, with barely enough time gather up their shoes?

I don’t know. Ariel Sharon, the prime minister back then, the man in charge, he knew. Did he care?

Yes, but not for the Israelis. He cared for the Arabs. That is precisely what we learn from these most harrowing facts disclosed today from the article written by Shimon Cohen for Arutz Sheva. It’s about a man named Dov Weislgass who (first telling it to Israel’s Army Radio) served as Sharon’s emissary to the PA and its leader, the thug Mahmoud Abbas.

It’s about Leftist concessions made beyond belief, unless you believe that the ghetto-Jew mentality still rules Israel, or at least ruled Israel at the time.

Frankly, though, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising dispels much of that myth – and those brave ones would never have capitulated, as did Ariel Sharon.

Sharon was ready to give up the entire shop to make Abbas happy. Abbas said jump. Sharon said how high?

Abbas wanted all of Gaza cleansed of every Jew. Done. Everything was done to conform to Abbas’s deadly wishes. Sharon complied.

Sharon was different when it came to his own people. The media was ordered to fall in line with the Disengagment Plan, or else there’d be consequences.

No problem there, in most cases, because it was the Fanatical Left that turned him in the first place.

Girls as young as 11 and 12 who carried signs in protest were driven off to jail.

Cabinet ministers were fired if they objected to the expulsion. They were replaced by Sharon’s cronies.

Sharon had created a Police State. Anything to satisfy Mahmoud Abbas. Sharon gave Abbas the keys to the State.

That’s as dirty as it gets and Israel is still paying the price with another Gaza war looming.

For sheer deceit, corruption and betrayal, it’s tough to go beyond Sharon. Hillary comes close. Perhaps a toss of the coin can break the tie.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the prophetic thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: www.jackengelhard.com