Palestinian Arabs are willing executioners
Palestinian Arabs are willing executioners

UN-designated International Holocaust Remembrance Day is just behind us and perhaps it is the time to consider what makes Palestinian Arabs so barbaric and so full of hate for Jews and Israelis that they have no reservations about stabbing and murdering infants, children, women and men as they go about their daily chores. These ongoing terror attacks are for many here in Israel reminiscent of the indiscriminate killing of Jews before and during the Holocaust. The Palestinian Arab terror wave that stalks and seeks out Jews to be murdered for no other reason than their Jewish identity has its roots in Islamic-Nazi ideologies established during the years prior to the Holocaust in Europe.

Both Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Arabs are equally involved in the current terror wave afflicting all of Israel.

Rather than exposing the similarities between Nazi ideology and the current Palestinian Arab incitement to murder Jews, the international media chooses to report on the Palestinian Arab terror wave exclusively through the prism of the so-called “Occupation,” ignoring the fact that they have been reporting on the century-long hatred of Jews in the British Mandate areas preceding the establishment of the State of Israel, and preceding the Six Day War during which Israel regained control of Judea and Samaria. This primal hatred and desire to butcher and murder Jews was around way before the Arabs living in land controlled by Israel began calling themselves Palestinians, rather than Palestinian Arabs.  

Before there was Israel, Arabs still killed Jews. Apparently, the explanation that Jews living in houses, aka "settlements," is the root cause of Arabs killing Jews doesn’t hold water. When there was a "freeze" in housing, Palestinian Arabs still killed Jews.  Maybe it's not the Jewish houses or the so-called “occupation” that are at issue here. Maybe it's the Jews. Maybe it's their Palestinian Arab murderers and their primal hatred of Jews, similar to the indiscrimate Nazi hatred of all Jews.

Arabs who are citizens of Israel enjoy the benefits of living in a free and democratic nation. Arab-Israelis have risen to top posts in politics, the judiciary, sports, medicine and entertainment. But although some view the community with suspicion and see them as untrustworthy, Israeli Arabs have infinitely more human rights in Israel than Jews ever had when they lived in their former Arab countries, or that Arabs have in any Muslim nation in the Middle East today. Not surprisingly the fundamental freedoms bestowed on Israeli Arabs are overlooked by the very Arabs that enjoy and benefit from their democratic rights in Israel.  The hearts and minds of many Israeli Arabs continue to be overwhelmingly "occupied" with Jew-hatred. This is the true narrative about the so-called “occupation”.

A new generation of Arabs, including Israeli Arabs, are actively participating in the current terror wave, using automatic guns, gasoline bombs, knives, and even cars as weapons in order to kill or injure Jews to further that same futile aim and in the name of this ancient hatred. The latest terror campaign, if it continues, will be very much like every other episode in the futile Palestinian Arab’s hundred-year war against Zionism.

No Western society would tolerate a holocaust denier holding a prominent position, but Abu Mazen has been accorded respect and is welcomed in all major capitals of the world.
For the Palestinian Arabs and the Palestinian Authority (an organization funded entirely by the Obama Administration and European nations) premeditated murder has become a tool for "redemption." The current terror wave can trace its roots to the link between Nazism and the nascent Palestinian Arab national movement during the years of the Holocaust preceding the establishment of the State of Israel. For example, quoting a Nazi directive of 1943: "The extermination of Jewry throughout the world is the precondition for an enduring peace". Such a statement is remarkably similar, if not identical, to the Palestinian Arab political and religious leaders then and now who proclaim at every opportunity that the Zionist regime will be wiped out and humanity liberated.

The common thread unifying the desire for the total destruction of Jews is shared by both Palestinian Arab terror and Nazism, hence the validity of the term Islamo-Nazism. The Nazi’s spoke of redemptive anti-Semitism, namely a form of anti-Semitism that explains all in the world and offer a form of “redemption” by exterminating the Jews.  Palestinian Arab leaders provide the same rational for murdering Jews and Israelis in particular. The Palestinian Arab Authority broadcasts daily programs of incitement to children and adults on TV glorifying terrorists killed as they attempted to murder Jews, hanging their pictures on light posts in major Arab Palestinian cities and promising heaven for those who murder Jews.

From a historical perspective, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the founder of Palestinian nationalism, was notorious in his efforts to persuade the Nazis to extend their genocide of the Jews to the Palestine Mandate. The Mufti met Hitler and Himmler in Berlin in 1941 and asked the Nazis to guarantee that when the Wehrmacht drove the British from Palestine, Germany would establish an Arab regime and assist in the “removal” of its Jews. Hitler replied that the Reich would not intervene in the Mufti’s kingdom, other than to pursue their shared goal: “the annihilation of Jewry living in Arab space.” The Mufti settled in Berlin, befriended Adolf Eichmann, and lobbied the governments of Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria to cancel a plan to transfer Jews to Palestine. Subsequently, some 400,000 Jews from these countries were sent to death camps.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini in Mandatory Palestine played leading roles in inculcating the spirit of Nazism into Muslim consciousness. Nazis found refuge after the end of World War II and continued their activities in exile-in the Arab world, mainly Egypt. Academicians throughout the world are aware of the Muslim-Nazi connection knowing the historical consequences of ‘redemptive anti-Semitism’. Yet, rather than exposing this indisputable historical fact, they lend their support to organizations claiming that Israel is conducting a Holocaust against the Palestinian Arabs. The fact that since 9/11, Jew-hatred has reached truly epidemic proportions in the Islamic world has been also been downplayed or ignored by academicians, politicians, and opinion makers in the media. 

Since the Oslo accords of 1993, Israelis have been subject to a type of thought control that has eliminated confronting inconvenient information about the Mufti and Palestinian Arab admiration of Nazism, along with the later links of the PLO and its leaders with the Soviet Union and its methods of subversion. Overlooked in the history books is the fact that about 100,000 European Muslims fought on the Nazi side in World War II. They included two Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS Divisions, an Albanian Waffen SS Division in Kosovo and Western Macedonia, the Waffengruppe der-SS Krim, formations consisting of Chechen Muslims from Chechnya, and other Muslim formations in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

 Nor has much been mentioned about Abu Mazen, the unelected President of the Palestinian Arab Authority; In 1972, Abu Mazen was responsible for raising the funds required for the Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes. He acquired much of his subversive skills at the KGB headquarters in Moscow, where he received (at Moscow University) his Ph.D. on Holocaust Denial. No Western society would tolerate a holocaust denier holding a prominent position, but Abu Mazen has been accorded respect and is welcomed in all major capitals of the world. Abu Mazen represents the indisputable connection between spirit of Nazism and its central role in Palestinian Arab consciousness.

Palestinian Arab Anti-Semitism has long been recognized as the Arab world’s prominent vehicle for the hatred of the Jews. From academics teaching that Judaism permits murder and rape of non-Jews, to religious leaders teaching that Islam demands the extermination of Jews, Palestinian redemptive anti-Semitism is a compelling force driving hatred and terror. The Palestinian Authority depicts Jews as the archetypal force of evil throughout history. Jews are said to be responsible for all the world’s problems: wars, financial crises, even the spreading of AIDS. Jews are a danger to humanity. Whereas this paradigm has been used before by Nazis, the Palestinians take it a step further, turning demonization of Jews into the basis for Palestinian denial of Israel’s right to exist and a central component of Palestinian national identity. The Anti-Semitic oppression, persecution and expulsions suffered by Jews throughout history are presented as the legitimate self-defense responses of the nations of the world.

Palestinian Arabs, in ways similar to the Nazis in the past, have created a false and deceptive reality that will sooner than later crumble and implode. Over the past five years we have all witnessed how quickly Arab leaders throughout the Middle East have to flee from their own people due to the eruption of rage and hatred by the Arab mobs.

The true narrative of the Middle East is that no Arab state genuinely respects human rights. No Arab state hosts a responsible media. No Arab society fully respects the rights of women or minorities, and no Arab government has ever accepted public responsibility for its own shortcomings. Blame has become the opium of the Arabs, and the greatest blame for their failures is that directed at Israel. So is born the obsessive campaign to demonize and de-legitimize Israel, the home of the Jewish nation. Only by spreading the word and exposing the historically lethal link between Palestinian Arab terror and Nazism, the modern torchbearers of “redemptive anti-Semitism,” can we regain the moral high ground in defending Israel against the global tsunami of ever growing anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel