Israel is not a hockey game, Mr. Trudeau
Israel is not a hockey game, Mr. Trudeau

So Mr. Trudeau thinks it’s about time to get tough with the Jews. The Jews have had it too good.

The Jews, in Trudeau’s eyes, were doing wonderfully under Stephen Harper. No more Harper.

A new Pharaoh ascended and he knew not Joseph.

No more Mr. Nice Guy from the Trudeau Government. Why? Because it’s 2016.

Under Harper, Israel had Canada’s full support. Under Harper, Israel was a light unto the nations.

Canada’s MacKenzie King Government (1935-1948) had this to say about taking in Jewish refugees from the Holocaust: “None is too many.”
Israel had a right, a duty to protect itself from Muslim violence…the same violence afflicting the entire world. Same people doing the same harm.

Under Trudeau, happy days are here for Muslim refugees coming to Canada and Muslim terrorists already in Israel.

Now “both sides” are equally at fault for the spree of deadly stabbings that have tyrannized the Jewish State over the past few months.

According to Trudeau and his Liberal ministers, Canada is delivering a “tough message” to Israel regarding “Israeli and Palestinian violence.” Both sides it appears walked into Dafna Meir’s home and murdered her in front of her children. Both sides knifed Shlomit Krigman to death.

Both sides keep knifing innocent Israelis day after bloody day.

No, Mr. Trudeau, one side keeps doing all that and let’s get it straight, it’s Palestinian Arab Muslims doing it, as difficult as it is for Liberals to swallow the facts and face the truth. Before you start getting too “tough” on the Jews, remember this, you won’t be the first.

Canada’s MacKenzie King Government (1935-1948) had this to say about taking in Jewish refugees from the Holocaust: “None is too many.”

That was tough for my family, which somehow made it in even against those impossible odds.

Must say this, that if you were a kid and wanted to grow up in a wonderful town, you could do no better than Montreal, where I was partly raised.

There is no space here to mention the town’s many characteristics, good and bad but always exhilarating, so let it be enough to say that I was there for Maurice “”Rocket” Richard, Jean Beliveau and the glorious Canadiens. Montreal was also the place where Jackie Robinson got his start.

Montreal was dazzling, in my time, a true melting pot, with the usual saints and sinners, ethnic rivalries and turf wars.

Stepping into a French neighborhood if you were “English” could be risky.

We were sure to take some blows. We never knew what we did to deserve this. But Montreal was also a tolerant town. There was anti-Semitism, yes, but also the fervor or Zionism that echoed from “The Main” into and beyond Park Avenue and Outremont.  

Yes, that’s Montreal, Quebec and speaking of Quebec, perhaps that Province’s restless Separatists within your own country require your attention far more than your meddling into what is happening in Israel – which, frankly, is none of your business, no more than it would be Israel’s concern for the next Referendum calling on Quebec to declare itself separate from the rest of Canada.

Quebec remained Canadian by merely a few ballots the last time (1995) the vote was taken. That is much nearer to you than Israel.

It’s a shame he left us much too early, but my Saint Urbain Street neighbor, Mordecai Richler, Canada’s leading novelist, covered that nicely in “Barney’s Version” and if I may so impolite, I cover the mood of the times in my own Montreal memoir, “Escape From Mount Moriah.”

My memories of growing up in Canada are entirely favorable, despite the quota that barely got us in and the gang wars that made it tough going to school.

Montreal was a tough town – but tough with a heart. We could use some of that heart from you today, Mr. Trudeau.

Your message on International Holocaust Remembrance Day was terribly heartless and utterly disappointing. You forgot to mention the Six Million Jews.

Perhaps an oversight, aye?

But be sure that once again Jews are taking punishment, this time from Palestinian Arab Muslims; so sorry to be so direct and politically incorrect.

But some of us mean it when we say Never Again; regardless of who it is that does the killing in the name of whatever specious cause and complaint.

Be sure that real people are being hurt. The most you could do is be a mensch and come to Israel’s side unconditionally as did your predecessor Stephen Harper.

Mr. Harper will always be remembered as a friend of Israel, a friend of truth and liberty.

The least you could do is stay out of it and behave like your predecessor of yore, MacKenzie King.

He and his Government remained silent while Jews were being murdered during the Holocaust. Prime Minister King is also remembered, but with disdain.

How do you choose to be remembered, Mr. Trudeau?

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the prophetic thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: