Teaching the UN Secretary General about human nature
Teaching the UN Secretary General about human nature

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon committed an egregious error a few days ago. He woke up and got out of bed. He shouldn't have. Had he remained in bed, perhaps, perhaps, he might have managed to get through the day without saying something exceedingly stupid.

Before a meeting of the UN Security Council, Ban Ki-moon justified terrorism. That's right, he said it was "human nature." His exact words were "It is human nature to react to occupation."

Human nature to stick a knife in someone's head or ram a car into a baby carriage? Honestly, I have no idea what kind of society Ban is from but I'm thinking it (and he) needs to be reprogrammed.

Human nature?

Like the terrorist who was angry when his parents wouldn't let him date his younger cousin - so he borrowed the family vehicle and rammed it into my son's unit - human nature?

Like the one who focused a rifle on the head of a ten month old child - and pulled the trigger - human nature?

Like the 13-year-old who walked up to a Jewish boy on a bicycle and stabbed him - human nature?

Like the 16-year-old who just stabbed a 38 year old nurse in the head and only stopped his killing spree because he wasn't strong enough to get the knife out - human nature? 

Like Samir Kuntar, who murdered a father and then beat a four year old to death?

Like the Palestinian cousins from Awarta who stabbed a three year old boy and slit the throat of a four month old baby?

Is this human nature?

And this ridiculous justification of terror from the Secretary General of the United Nations? Clearly he doesn't know what a human being is - so maybe I can help a little.

Human nature is Dafna Meir - who blocked a murderer's knife from getting to her children - who fought with her last ounce of strength to save her babies.

Human nature is Roi Klein, who fell on a grenade to save his soldiers from harm.

Human nature is the commander who ran alone into a tunnel to try to save one of his soldiers.

Human nature is the young, unarmed soldier who saw his friend hit by a terrorists car, pinned down and about to be stabbed - running at the terrorist and being stabbed himself to save his friend's life.

Human nature is Ofer Ben Ami, who ran into a terror attack to help a victim, even though in the end he died for his bravery.

Human nature is the mother who saved her infant by shielding the baby with her body as a terrorist exploded himself in a cafe.

Human nature is the father who gathers his devastated, now motherless children into his arms and becomes their world, rather than focus on hate and revenge.

Human nature is the brother who drops everything and rushes north to where his sister is being held hostage, who rushes in and carries her to safety despite any danger to himself.

Human nature, Mr. Ban, is remembering that despite morons like you, we live in one of the most just, moral countries in the world. A country where Arab and Jew and Christian are free to live as they can nowhere else in the Middle East. A country and a people that will live on long after you and your absurd comment about human nature have long since been forgotten.