Enabling murder is not a crime, dancing with an unloaded gun is
Enabling murder is not a crime, dancing with an unloaded gun is

Let’s compare and contrast the world’s outrage:

On one hand, one sees an Israeli convicted pedophile collaborating with the Palestinian Authority – a government entity - to have Arabs killed for selling land to Jews.  In line with the PA law which sanctions the death penalty for those who are known to sell land to Jews, Nawi has been captured on camera boasting of his actions.

This pedophile (Ezra Nawi) is a “leader” who has been lauded by newspapers including The Guardian in the UK as a “man of peace.”  He cooperates with Nasser Nawaja, a Palestinian leader of B’Tselem, the so-called "human rights" NGO, to turn over names of Palestinian Arabs who have sold land so they can be tortured and then murdered. And they have been.

The crimes of these Arabs? Seeking to sell land to the Jews – which anywhere else in the world would be called real estate business.  Meanwhile, B’Tselem is funded by the European Union, the New Israel Fund, and Jewish “leaders” all over the world.

This conspiracy of these murder-enablers and  murderers is documented on tape, aired on Israel’s largest program – yet has barely received media coverage outside of Israel.  It is the ultimate proof of the brutality of the Palestinian Authority, and the Israeli left – it actually documents the crimes, yet it is largely ignored. 

It is further important to note that it shows proof that leaders of the "human rights" movements collaborate to have people killed.  It is not ambiguous at all.  Not teenagers, not outsiders – but leaders of the extreme left, whose funding comes from mainstream American Jews, including the Jim Joseph Foundation, Alisa Doctoroff and others.

Contrast that with the world’s outrage when learning of rowdy, out of control teenagers at a wedding singing about revenge, and stabbing a picture (not a person – a picture.). These same youngsters aren’t leaders, aren’t mainstream, and have been accused of writing graffiti on buildings – which the American State Department condemns as so-called “price tag” crimes. 

Graffiti on buildings is a crime – yet a pedophile collaborating to have Arabs murdered is not? One is international news and the other cannot get a byline in world media?

A bunch of idiot rowdy teenagers yelling death to the Arabs and stabbing a PICTURE that has to do with an unsolved crime is a huge outrage – yet turning over names to a foreign government entity is not.

A “price tag” graffiti is worthy of State Department condemnation.  No crime has been proven, there are allegations of torture, and yet these kids have been condemned across the political spectrum.

People have been sentenced to jail for carrying guns at this famous wedding, and dancing with guns – yet Israeli Arabs who shoot live ammunition in the air at weddings are ignored.   The world is upside down.

And it goes on. Yitzchak Rabin and Ariel Sharon were mainstream when calling for Israeli Jews to be removed from their homes – yet when Jews call for voluntary "transfer" of Arabs, they are put in jail.

Ezra Nawi should be charged with treason and conspiracy to murder.  B’Tselem and The New Israel Fund – and their donors from Temple Israel of White Plains, Barbara & Eric Dobkin, The Jim Joseph Foundation and others – if they continue to fund these organizations, should be banned from Israel for collaborating with our enemies.