What Israel could be doing...
What Israel could be doing...

Cope with terror as if you mean to destroy it - Former National Union head Yaakov Katz

The terrorists continue to murder Jews and the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense have not yet come to the conclusion that the answer is deterrence. Only deterrence and more deterrence can put an end to the murders.

What does deterrence consist of?

  • Expel the immediate family of a terrorist to Gaza forthwith - on the same day in which he is eliminated or caught
  • Establish a new neighborhood or community, the way Israel once did, like Maaleh Hachamisha, Givat Hashlosha, Netiv Haasara, Beit Hagai and all the others named for victims of Arab aggression and terror
  • Search the entire neighborhood of the murderers and root out all weapons of any kind
  • And if I were the PM, I would order the IDF to go into the murderous dens of Kalandia, Shuafat and Abu Dis in full force and cleanse them of weapons and terrorists.

Forget about peace aims and decide on war aims - Professor Paul Eidelberg

(Prof. Paul Eidelberg (Ph.D. University of Chicago), former officer U.S. Air Force, is the founder and president of the Israel-America Renaissance Institute (I-ARI), www.i-ari.org, with offices in Jerusalem and Philadelphia. He has written several books on American and on Jewish Statesmanship. His magnum opus The Judeo-Scientific Foundations of  American Exceptionalism: Today’s Choice for the “Almost Chosen People" is in process of publication. Prof. Eidelberg lives in Jerusalem.)

Israel’s leaders are more concerned about peace aims than about war aims. This disproportionality only prolongs the war the Palestinian Authority (PA) and multiplies casualties and suffering.

Suppose Israel’s war aim was to defeat the PA. Israel’s Government would then assemble a team of experts to render the PA useless from within. It would then think about the following measures.

1) Eliminate the military and financial leaders of the Palestinian Authority.

2) Sabotage the PA’s means of acquiring weapons and money.

3) Sabbotage the PA communications systems.

4) Inject and publicize non-stop info about the PA’s private use of money from American and other sources.

5) Expose the PA ‘s use of money for lavish living.

6) Publicize divisive confessions of PA leaders.

7) Implant subversive agents in the PA.

8) Publicize derogatory remarks about the PA by spokesmen from various Arab states.

9) Fabricate plots to divide the PA’s leadership.

10) Find a way to convince PA leaders to eliminate competitors.