Liberals and their nauseating misuse of Jewish values
Liberals and their nauseating misuse of Jewish values

Alan Colmes comes to mind whenever I think of American Liberals who happen to be Jewish, or were raised Jewish until they converted to Liberalism.

Liberalism is also a religion of peace and Colmes brings the message every day to TV, Fox News, and radio, the Don Imus Show.

He is the House Liberal. When you need the Leftist boilerplate point of view, here’s Juan Williams or Alan Colmes, but Colmes serves best when it comes to Jews or Israel or Islam because he’s Jewish, so it hurts less or hurts more, depending on how mousy you can take a Liberal.

According to the arrangement, which The New York Times uses all the time, a Jewish Liberal doubles the score on, say, Israel bashing.

That is a big win when the news media can find somebody to blast the Jews but pity the migrants and his name is Cohen.

On the question of the Syrian migrants, how many we should take in, not counting the thousands we’ve already taken in – I hear a figure of 100,000 since 2013 – Colmes and so many other Liberals who were once Jewish, here they come to teach us Jewish Values.

One day to the next here’s another convert to Liberalism to announce his Jewishness in support of Islam, which already has more than one billion supporters.

The pitch runs like this: “I was raised Jewish. My parents taught me to respect all faiths. That’s why I support bringing in as many migrants as possible.”

Your parents taught you this? Did they teach you that lovely as these people may be, more than 70 percent of them admit to disliking you, even you the Jewish Liberal?

Further: “My Jewish faith taught me to always come to the aid of people in distress.”

Funny, but I hear nothing like this when Israelis are in distress. Not a peep when Jews keep getting stabbed, shot and run over by Arabs.

They do not hesitate to proclaim, “Shared Values.” Such as? You mean that tossing gays off tall buildings, this is okay? You share this?
This very day two Israelis died, one from stabbing wounds suffered from the hands of Palestinian Arab terrorists and the other from a stray shot of a policewoman trying to stop the rampage. Hello, Alan? Mark? Anybody?

Suddenly, for Muslims, these Liberals have found religion. Once lost, now found.

They had lost any trace of Jewishness until they found a suitable cause and their own people are never suitable. Immediately after the compulsory suburban bar mitzvah they dropped the faith for being so inconvenient until, in a flash, in a moment of dubious clarity, they discovered something they can really get behind.

For the sake of the refugees, they shout to the bleachers, “I am Jewish and this is what I believe.”

They do not hesitate to proclaim, “Shared Values.” Such as? You mean that tossing gays off tall buildings, this is okay? You share this? This value you share?

It’s okay to beat your wife if she misbehaves? Honor killings – this too is acceptable?

Thanks for letting us know how you really feel. But please do not drag my religion into this.

Please stop using your freshly discovered Jewishness to make points that were never Jewish. This is an insult. This is abuse. This is nauseating.

You can tell Trudeau to knock it off as well, the prime minister whose Christmas message was about Canada’s shared values with Islam.

So you don’t have to be American or Jewish to be a useful idiot. That’s a relief.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the prophetic thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: