How to win in asymmetric warfare
How to win in asymmetric warfare

The whole world is pondering the question of how to win an asymmetric war: that is a war which is unconventional , not with two regular armies opposing one another. In this asymmetric war one side appears to be weak, engaging in acts that we now call terror against an army with huge amounts of war materiel such as occurred in the Vietnam War last century or 9/11 in the US. People worldwide are looking over their shoulders wondering if the person next to them is going to stab them as they avoid gatherings. Tourism and airlines stocks are plummeting.   

This is the war that the world is now facing, but one of its main targets is Israel.

Can't  the Jewish country take action once and for all, making it crystal clear to the Palestinians that Israel is here to stay?
Morality. Israel has whole departments working on being the most moral country in the world. There are lawyers ensuring that responses to murders of civilians conform to international law.  There are army strategists and politicians all trying to be moral to the nth degree.  When rockets are fired into Israel from schools and residential buildings in Gaza, the Israeli Air Force actually warns people to exit buildings before targeting the source of these rockets. Then the nit-picking around the world begins as Israel is targeted by world leaders and the media for not doing the right thing.

Hollande of France sees it differently.  He simply declares war and does what has to be done as the world stays silent, even applauding him. So did the Russians when they flattened whole cities in Chechnya. The United States labels deaths of innocent civilians when it bombs the hell out of cities as “collateral damage.” But Israel still stays moral.

Is Israel too timid to turn the tables on the murderers and those who incite them?  Can't  the Jewish country take action once and for all, making it crystal clear to the Palestinians that Israel is here to stay?

Imprisoning murderers is not the answer.  Neither is the careful demolition of their homes.  There can be only one answer and that is to deport the whole village or whole suburb from which a particular murderer comes to the nearest Arab country, raze that village or suburb to the ground and rebuild a Jewish settlement in its place. If this is done once or twice the Palestinians will understand that they have more to lose by inciting and handing out candies when a Jew is murdered.  The alternative will be to live in peace and that will be in their hands.

Will the whole world explode in criticism against Israel?  They do anyway. 

Will the United Nations vote against Israel and try to isolate it?  They are doing that at present. 

Will trade barriers be put up against Israel?  Are they being put up against countries that engage in genocide?  Or when mass graves are discovered? 

How is ISIS/Daesh allowed to be so well financed that they manage to trade in oil with so many countries?  Has anything stopped that?

Palestinian Arab children are being brainwashed in schools with maps labelled Palestine, not Israel.  They are being incited to murder innocent Israeli civilians and their teenagers actually do that, or try to, on a daily basis.  No country can live with an enemy within.

The Israeli government must decide to forget the niceties, to drop the Holocaust mentality of always being the good guys --and to declare war on these people.  By deporting them they will still be alive and there is a good chance that this move will once and for all stop the murders of innocent men, women and children.