Occupation lies and legal arguments
Occupation lies and legal arguments

One of the biggest problems that the free world has to deal with today is related to the sacred concept of “Freedom of Speech”. This concept is a very important one, and it has great advantages. Unfortunately, it is a freedom that is widely trampled on and abused by wicked groups and even by governments around the world who have self-serving and evil intentions.  

Dictatorships will deny freedom of speech to control their populations and others, thus not allowing dissenting voices to be heard. They will justify their harsh actions against dissidents, by labeling them traitors, collaborators with enemies, occupiers, infidels, terrorists, gays, or whatever term is considered derogatory in their culture. Further, they will broadcast their own message far and wide so that their propaganda is accepted.

In the free world we believe that the answer to the denial and abuse of free speech should be even more speech, hoping that clear thinking individuals and their objective assessment of the facts, will allow truth and wisdom to prevail.

It took the Arab propaganda machine more than 50 years of persistent and aggressive effort to convince many oblivious individuals, including many prominent leaders across the world, of the canard that the Jews illegally occupied Arab land in the Middle-East, having taken it away from an Arab Palestinian State.

Unfortunately, in addition to being perpetrated by wicked corrupt self-serving leaders, this is also a part of the more widespread world domination agenda of Radical Islam, one of not tolerating any ”Infidels” flourishing anywhere.

The short answer to the Arabs’ claim is that never in the history of the world, was there an Arab Palestinian State in the disputed region in the Middle East, but there was an on-going 4000-year connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. This connection was evidenced by ample historical documents by Jewish and non-Jewish scholars, by the presence of the first and the second Jewish Temples of Jerusalem, by the flourishing kingdoms of King David and King Solomon, by the continuous presence of Jews in the land of Israel throughout the generations, and more recently, by the legal reestablishment of the state of Israel in 1948, where many Jews who were killed, abused, tortured, and expelled from Middle Eastern, European and other countries, found a welcoming home.

As was wisely stated, the conflict in the Middle East might be one of the most complicated to solve but it can be very easily explained. Despite all the attempts to smear Israel and to accuse it for illegally occupying Arab Palestinian land; the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.

Unfortunately, the wars in the Middle East are instigated mainly by Radical Islamic fanaticism which has everything to do with religious expansionism. Many in the free world must be regrettably blind or willingly be trying to commit national suicide by assisting the Radical Islamic agenda, as is evidenced by their unconditional support of these false arguments.

The evidence of this insanity is overwhelming. One only has to notice the ongoing attempts to selectively boycott the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel. The real intentions of the subversive BDS movement are actually quite sinister.

See also the repetitive disproportionate condemnation of the State of Israel in the UN. Divestment policies against Israel are unfair and harmful. Boycotting Israel will definitively not bring peace, it will encourage the wicked to entrench in their irrational claims

The march of Radical Islam aimed to run over the free world, cannot be taken lightly and the sooner the free world wakes up, the easier it will be to confront it. Each and every peace-loving individual should take a second look at the evidence and keep in mind that he personally has “skin in the game”.

The Jewish people were always the “canary in the coal mine” which, at this point, is warning the free world what will happen to them should the radicals win. It is vey cheap to talk about peace, but it is extremely dangerous to give in to enemies who lack the proper commitment to peace. In order to achieve an Arab-Israeli peace we need real Arab partners for peace, and not groups of conniving perpetrators planning to liquidate Israel in stages. 

So what can you do?
1. Educate yourself about the facts, from reliable sources.
2. Share your knowledge with others, Jew and Gentile alike.
3. Advise those who will tell you not to confuse them with "your" facts, that they should set their priorities straight, to stop the radical Muslims and their supporters, as the radicals do not discriminate. If they are ever able to implement their radical agendas, they will kill or harm any infidel including any sympathizing Jews, Christians and even moderate Muslims.
4. The concept of Political Correctness is being abused to limit the exposure and condemnation of the wicked actions of the radical Muslims and their supporters; do not allow yourself to be silenced if you are speaking the truth.
5. Advise any administration that they, too, will be victims of these radicals, unless they wake up and face reality.