It’s Eurabia against Israel
It’s Eurabia against Israel

In Rome there was a Muslim rally to protest against the Paris attacks. Not more than 500 participants, equal to nothing from an Islamic Italian community of 1 million people. Among them there was someone holding a placard saying: “No to Bataclan, no to Gaza”. This is the inner and untold mood in Europe: The Parisian theatre where 100 Frenchmen were slaughtered by Islamic State has been compared to the Palestinian Arabs under Israeli assault.

Welcome to Eurabia’s war against the Jewish descendants of the Holocaust, the wonderful and brave State of Israel.

In two months of popular terrorism, 22 Israelis have lost their lives. 192 Israelis have been wounded (20 seriously) and 82 Israelis have been treated for shock during the same period. Their faces, their names, their stories were not worthy of the European newspapers and tv channels, which for two months downplayed these killings and maiming in a deliberate strategy of silence and justification.

Dozens of European ministries and officials, including a Nobel Peace laureate, have already declared that to defeat ISIS the West should first resolve the “tension” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On television, you cannot count the commentators repeating this blasphemy. This inanity.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the second largest party,  the Labour party of useful idiot Jeremy Corbin, was voting to sever ties with the companies who do business with Israel. This is their priority: blaming the Jews. In Berlin, KaDeWe, Europe’s largest store, took off many Israeli goods from its shelves (these were later restocked after furious Israeli protests).

And in the US? A morally corrupt American Anthropological Association decided to isolate and boycott Israeli professors, while in the days of this Third Intifada hundreds of British academicians sponsored a similar initiative.

All in the same week. The week of Paris and multiple terror attacks in the land of Israel. In the same week that Europe’s foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, justified EU discriminatory labeling as a tool to exert political pressure on Israel.

After the Paris’ attacks, the Israelis switched their Facebook profile pictures to include the French flag, showing full support for Paris. Very few Europeans did the same when the Palestinian Arab terrorists took the lives of many innocent Jews. There are never tears for a Jew massacred for being a Jew.

Anti-Semitism is an eruption of barbarism into our civilization. The Jews have always been a barometer of tolerance. Europe, a continent under real occupation, is waging a war against the fake "occupation" of Israel. Read it, the existence of the Jewish people.