How to humiliate ISIS terrorists
How to humiliate ISIS terrorists

What is the best way to fight terrorists? The government of France can do something that will hurt ISIS and other terrorists more than any other possible act: namely, helping Israel.

How? France should move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and should make it clear that this gesture is a response to the murders that took place in Paris. France should tell Islamists that the acts committed by ISIS led to relocating the embassy. Nothing in the world could cause greater pain and embarrassment to the terrorists.

All nations that have been threatened or harmed by terrorists should follow policies of this type. They should announce that every time a terrorist attack occurs, the country that has been targeted will respond by helping Israel—militarily, diplomatically, economically or in a combination of ways.

Terrorists are selfless. They are proud to die for their cause. They are proud to kill innocents, passers-by and others in the name of jihadism. They

There is no Arab Palestine on the ISIS map of the future.
don’t expect to be humiliated by their acts. Helping Israel would be the ultimate disgrace.

ISIS has never spoken or acted in favor of the Palestinian Arabs, so that is not a problem. There is no Arab Palestine on the ISIS map of the future. Click on this link and see for yourself.

Instead, ISIS simply believes in killing those who are not Sunni Muslims. It has targeted Shiites, Christians, and French citizens. Its most notable victims have been Yazidis. It has not had the opportunity to kill Jews or Israelis because Israel knows how to defend itself and its people. Nevertheless, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are at the heart of all jihadist movements.

The pride that jihadists feel when they kill would be replaced by shame if they knew that their acts helped Israel. It could take the wind out of their sails.

Can we persuade France to move its embassy? Not really. Many French citizens and politicians are as anti-Israel as they are anti-terror, as is most of the world. A lot of effort is needed to convince diplomats and heads of state that helping Israel is the way to fight terror. But it wouldn't hurt to let them see what Israel is all about.

To begin, we would have to stress the fact that Israel helps victims of disasters all over the world, as it did after the earthquake in Haiti, when it established the first field hospital there, before Americans reached the disaster area.

We would have to remind people that an anti-Israel Arab citizen, Haneen Zoabi, has kept her seat in the Knesset despite her efforts to fight the nation in whose parliament she sits. No other country in the world would allow this.

We have to remind people that Golda Meir was the first woman in history to become a head of government without being either the wife (like Sirimavo Bandaranaike) or the daughter (like Indira Gandhi, daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru) of a previous head of government.

If this information were better known, it should be easier for France and other countries of the world to make pro-Israel efforts, but don't count on it..

Many people in France and elsewhere know that terrorism is a grave threat. Few people know that Israel is remarkably virtuous for a country that has never had a moment’s peace.

So far, nobody knows that the way to fight terrorists is to disgrace them by showing that their acts are helping Israel. Furthermore, they are not eager to help Israel. If the nations of the world could overcome their instinctive anti-Semitism to admit how moral Israel has been in the face of danger and in general, it would be easier for France and other countries to fight terrorism - by helping Israel and thus shaming jihadists.