In Paris we tasted what Israel suffers every day
In Paris we tasted what Israel suffers every day

There is the same atmosphere of post-London 7/7/05. Then, too, almost all newspaper editors wrote tearful lamentations that no, the terrorists would not change "our way of life." 

As if in Paris, last night, terrorists had stopped us only from being able to watch a game, to listen to a song, to eat a bowl of Cambodian food. It is a sloppy and uninspired secularism, which does not penetrate the phenomenon that is facing. It always looks for a scapegoat, yesterday Iraq, Assad today. On January 7 2015 they had all pulled a sigh of relief, "it is against cartoonists," they said.

Today it's hard to think that it does not affect them all.

All the heads of terror groups expressed this very well. "We will win because they love life and we love death,,"
By speaking of "jihadist madness", the West builds its own defeat. We don't see that this is a religious war, not the idea of a few stragglers and fanatics. We did not understand that it is a problem of states and leadership, not of borders and police and license plates.

We did not understand that these terrorists live in our democracy and know to use it. They have more imagination than we do. Those who savor "the inspiring and delightfully perverse taste of bloodshed," as Varlam Shalamov, who was imprisoned twenty years in the Gulag, wrote.. This is fanaticism, not sadism. 

It is as if nothing has happened since September 11: we hide the images of the massacres so as not to scare people; we hide that the bombers are insiders, that we have raised them in our French suburbs; we hide that we are prisoners of our freedom; we hide under perverse humanitarian slogans our renunciation of the fight; we hide the founding criteria of our civilization.

It was the same climate after January 7, 2015. Then we responded with "Je Suis", only to repudiate it the day after; today we respond with "Imagine" by John Lennon, played on the street in Paris.

And also -

With the United Nations’ ads on TV for migrants, just don’t create trouble if beheaders slipped into Europe.

With flowers laid in front of the French restaurants targeted by jihad.

With U2 paying homage to the theater Bataclan.

With the empty slogan "We are all French."

With a Pope who cannot figure out how people can kill in the name of God, when his predecessor explained quite well that the problem is that their God is not ours.

All the heads of terror groups expressed this very well. "We will win because they love life and we love death," said the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah. Osama bin Laden declared: "We love death. The US loves life. This is the big difference between us ... ". "The Americans love Pepsi-Cola, we love death", explained Maulana Inyadullah, a member of Al Qaeda operative.

Instead we repeat, along with that master of naive and inane rhetoric that is Barack Obama, that Paris terrorists struck "humanity", not the West and its Judeo-Christian, liberal, atheist, agnostic values.

We say "terror", forgetting - always forgetting to add “Islamic”. Meanwhile, we play with Israel’s existence, we treat it as an "occupier", we label it without understanding that it is our frontier, the line of the West the terrorists want to destroy.

We still have not realized that in Paris, last night, we experienced what the Israeli Jews have to suffer every day.