Now who's being paranoid?
Now who's being paranoid?

Following the Paris massacre, the usual announcement on the train came with a higher tone of urgency – “If you see something, say something.”

So what are we supposed to say when a company of Muslims steps in, as they just did? There is no shame in their eyes over what happened.

What happened? Islam came to town. That’s what happened, and now more than 100 Parisians and visitors are dead.

Again, the message over the speaker: “Report anything suspicious.”

Well yes. Muslims are suspect. Too bad about the ones who are no part of this and in some places targets and victims as well.

But that’s what they’ve done to us, the Allah Akhbar crowd. They’ve turned us into justified bigots. We fear all of them, the good along with the bad.

Yes I said this and you can quote me, “justified bigotry”…but within the context of people who intend to do us harm.

Later, G-d can sort them out but meanwhile our reckless leaders keep importing them by the planeload. Obama is even accelerating the welcome.

More keep coming to the United States, Canada and throughout Europe and about Europe last week, in connection to the EU’s decision to libel Israel through labeling, I wrote, “Enjoy your anti-Semitism while you still can. Don’t look back. Islam is coming.”

Some 48 hours later Islam came. Islam came with a bang. Islam came to town. Some people never learn.

In Canada, I have just learned, federated Jews are spreading out the red carpet for these newly arrived “Syrian migrants,” most of them men without women or children; most of them of military age and most of them deserters. But these Jews know better and have chosen to be more hospitable than Abraham and more merciful than G-d.

I imagine the same sense of idiotic compassion extends to some American Jews, people who can’t see immigration jihad when it stares them in the face.

The FBI clocks Islamist terror cells in all 50 states, but for what purpose if more keep being imported than deported?

Some American Jews... can’t see immigration jihad when it stares them in the face.
Next time we get hit – and we will – will our geniuses be shocked, shocked! Shocked and amazed! Will they say, “Nobody saw this coming.”

How much clearer can I be when I keep saying – what happens in Israel does not stay in Israel?

It’s never been about Israel. It’s always been about an entire generation of Muslims radicalized to the hilt throughout the world.

Perhaps this time Israel itself has learned the lesson that no matter how much territory it gives up, it makes no difference. It’s not about land.

It’s not about anything. That’s the scary part. It’s about something else that our Western minds can’t absorb.

It’s about their commandment that commands them to kill. That’s it, period. Will the Left get this message? Probably not.

Even the Left and even Bibi, for once maybe they’d give it a rest, the talk about a “two-state solution.”

You know…two nations, side by side in peace, harmony and security.

Is Hollande being asked to start a peace process…get the ball rolling to divide Paris in half? I haven’t heard.

Hollande is kicking at doors throughout France. He’s prepared to be “merciless.” Obama, Kerry and the UN – are they demanding “restraint?” We only hear this when Israel is attacked and retaliates. Are there cries and complaints about the French president using measures that are “disproportionate?” No, that too falls only upon the Jewish State.

Are the French now being logically careful and suspicious and furious after what just happened – or are they being “paranoid?”

That’s how the BBC defined Israel’s jittery reaction at being knifed and firebombed hour by hour at the hands of these same killers. “Paranoid,” said the BBC.

Now who’s paranoid?

Now who’s weeping, Geraldo? Oh the tears. As the event moved from two Paris victims to 10 to 50 to 100-plus, TV started blanket coverage. Fox News did best and anchor Shepard Smith, usually a jerk, did better than okay. In the middle of it all, here’s Geraldo.

We see him being hooked up to Paris with his daughter who barely escaped the slaughter. Miles apart and they’re both shaken and weeping.

Shaken and weeping as are Israeli fathers and mothers when the terror comes to their sons and daughters but nobody cares. Not Geraldo.

Now does he understand that it is not about “the settlements?” Too much to ask, I’m afraid, because to some people it never sinks in.

Like the couple seated across from me on the train and already I know there will be trouble. They’re reading their bible, The New York Times and, turns out, they know me from my columns and my books and especially “The Bathsheba Deadline,” which the woman says ought to be banned and burned for being so “intolerant.”

Intolerant, for example, about the people who just stepped into our train, and it is not the Asians we are panicked about.

Yes I am intolerant against people who keep blowing us up. Sorry. I am funny and intolerant that way.

New York-based bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the newsroom thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: