I fear for my grandchildren
I fear for my grandchildren

I grew up in a delineated world. You were a Jew, Catholic or Protestant. Never heard of Muslims. You were white or black. Brown not so much. You knew your place and stayed there. Intermarriage of any sort was virtually forbidden especially racial intermarriage. It wasn't always judgmental delineation, but sometimes it was that too.

My youngest son grew up in a different world. Though he went to parochial school and was shomer Shabbat, when he got to college he entered a different world. The Toronto population at the time was 50% third world. He entered the world of inclusion. Then he went to NYU and then Harvard. He, like most students, gravitated to inclusive societies. His friends were the colour of the rainbow, with mixed sexual orientation. Judaism, what’s that and who cares.

This was driven home to me when watching a video which showed how the German government, for example, indoctrinates children to not discriminate, not be separate, marry anyone, welcome Muslims etc.

In my day differences were important. Today they are considered unimportant. If you differentiate today you are called a racist. Nor can you prefer one culture over another. After all, all cultures are relative... 

Freedom of speech, which used to be sacrosanct in my day, is now subservient to the feelings of Muslims or homosexuals but not Jews. “Truth” is no defense.
That was not enough for the left, the blacks and the Muslims. They want to annihilate democracy and the will of the majority. It started with a Bill of Rights being passed in many countries tying the hands of parliament to pass laws the majority wanted.

It still wasn’t enough.  Affirmative action was demanded. Meritocracy abandoned. White societies that brought us democracy and progress were spat upon. The rule of law with its freedom or speech and religion were discarded. Force and intimidation was preferred over the rule of law and democracy. That’s anarchy.

Christians are being hounded from the public square and being persecuted for acting on their religious beliefs. They can no longer expound their beliefs regarding homosexuals nor refuse to be of service to homosexuals at their weddings. They are not permitted to be conscientious objectors.

The Muslims on the other hand can do no wrong. Their honour killings and polygamy, though against the law, are ignored. They are not satisfied with reasonable accommodation. They demand subjugation to their demands or else. They are treated with kid gloves while Christians are fined and put in jail.

The West embraces accommodation to the other. No so the Muslims who have been taught that Islam is superior and Muslims are superior. They believe in their superiority and in the dhimmi status of the people of the book (Jews and Christians) and their right to kill all infidels and Jews and Christians if they like. They believe in Jihad and that Islam with its sharia law will rule the world.  

They do not believe in democracy.  They believe in force and their entitlement. Look at Paris.

Not all Muslims feel this way. I call them apostates.

Freedom of speech, which used to be sacrosanct in my day, is now subservient to the feelings of Muslims or homosexuals but not Jews. “Truth” is no defense.

Israel is the canary in the mine. All these forces are brought to bear against the Jews and Israel. The whole world is telling us how to be and demanding that we conform to their notions of proper values. We are rejected because of our exclusiveness, our religion and our desire to be different. Law and facts don’t matter.  Conformity with their demands, does.

The US and Israel keep talking about our shared values but American values are changing. whereas Israel’s remain conservative. Israel wants to preserve the past. At the same time Israel is very progressive and the only conservative values that Israel still maintains are religion, peoplehood and the rule of law.. The world demands that we abandon these also.

I fear for my grandchildren.