How Palestinian terrorists practice ‘bar mitzvah’
How Palestinian terrorists practice ‘bar mitzvah’

So now it’s 13-year-old Palestinian Arab “teens” who have joined the stabbing spree against Israelis. That’s been the trend over the past few weeks.

One knifing attack after another from the hands of these kids, some actually 11, some 12, but 13 seems to be the all-purpose rite of passage.

In Judaism when a son reaches the age of 13 he becomes a man and tradition expects him to behave like one – like a mensch.

He is to honor “thy father and thy mother” and apply himself to the other 612 Commandments.

It’s different among certain Palestinians. Over there, in places run by Hamas and Abbas, Islamic terrorists in other words, boys at 13 don’t say “Today I am a man,” as we do. They say it like this: “Today I am a killer.”

Welcome to the 21st Century. This is how Palestinian Arab kids are being raised to honor their parents.

They honor their parents by becoming brutes and from their parents they learned that murder is good, as opposed to my Bible, which forbids bloodshed.

So we have our Bible and they have theirs and never the twain shall meet, at this rate.

Do I sound discouraged? Okay, give me the good news. Remind me that love makes the world go round. Go ahead, I’m listening.

Tell me that this is just a phase…and I will tell you that this phase began with Hagar and Ishmael. That takes us back more than 3,000 years.

Considering that all of it is ISIS under various names, Hamas, PA, PLO, all one crowd -- is this a preview for the next 3,000 years?
Considering that all of it is ISIS under various names, Hamas, PA, PLO, all one crowd -- is this a preview for the next 3,000 years?  

It sure must look that way to Jewish kids on campus throughout the U.S.A. where it’s hell being a student up against armies of hate, calling themselves BDS or whatever. Upon all of us here they come – a generation of Palestinians that have succumbed to the allure of ruthlessness and brute force. It runs in the family.

People change? But these parents, they too were brainwashed so that there is no end in sight for a Palestinian generation that can listen to reason.

Bibi thinks otherwise. He thinks there’s hope. In his opening public remarks at the White House just yesterday it wasn’t Obama, it was Bibi who extended himself for a “two-state solution” and you should have seen my jaw drop. He is “willing to make peace” and this is wonderful. Aren’t we all willing to make peace?

But with these people?

My own interpretation runs like this; Bibi had to say it before Obama did, to make it easier to swallow, and I would not be surprised if this was negotiated between them ahead of time. Bibi is under pressure to get right (actually left) with Obama. He only forgot to say that “climate change” is the culprit for everything, even for hallucinating 13-year-olds into natural-born killers.

The media have mostly ignored this phenomenon mostly because there is nothing phenomenal about Palestinian Arabs killing Jews. It’s routine.

Age makes no difference…but wait.

When Israel retaliates and the stabber becomes a 13-year-old victim, now CNN, the BBC and The New York Times find a “teenager.”

Suddenly the brute becomes a “teen,” a designation given to a blameless period of life associated with joyful innocence.

When we think of teens, we think of Marty Robbins and “A white sport coat and a pink carnation – all dressed up for the dance.”

But Israel’s enemies are not going in for a Prom. They’re going in for a kill.

These are kids hardened by a culture of mindlessness and hate and if anyone thinks this is Israel’s problem, think again.

Yes Israel is hurting, but here is a warning to people who take pleasure in this: Enjoy your indifference or your anti-Semitism while you can.

Don’t look back. Islam is gaining and nobody is safe. Israel is on the frontlines fighting our fight.

If the safety of our Biblical values is precious to you, then the safety of Israel ought to be precious to you.

(Editor's note: The photo accompanying this article is of the yearly bar mitzva that Chabad arranges for IDF orphans, children of soldiers who fell defending Israel.)

New York-based bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the newsroom thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: