Victory at the mouth of the sword: Mount Hevron
Victory at the mouth of the sword: Mount Hevron

There is something very comfortable about placing our national struggles within Western thought formats. After all, everything is measured by money at the end, isn’t it? After all, everything has a price tag, and a war is actually a kind of negotiation. One, which will surely result in a long-awaited deal.

The real world, however, has snapped us back into reality and brought us down to earth. Muslim violence in Israel and around the world has revealed the fundamental roots of the extremist Islamic mentality, and proved that it is not planning to bend toward any kind of deal. This is placed against a world outlook, in which a Western world has lost its’ ability to think clearly, as its’ mentality does not possess tools for coping with these movements.

The West ostensibly has two options for coping. The Western nations can fold up their flags and surrender to terror, accept Sharia law, and look forward to better days in which they won’t be stoned, pillaged or murdered due to compliance with the Quran. Or we could go with the second option: to be more even more brutal than they. To defeat their power with ours.

Both of these options are hopeless. We either lose our identity out of surrender, or lose our humanity through violent action which inherently lies deep within our souls.

I had the opportunity to live on Mount Hevron. An area that stretches as wide as Tel Aviv when you include the eighteen settlements that surround it. I drive around the streets of the mountain, soaking up the same beautiful views which my ancestors enjoyed: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and later on, King David. I ask myself how they dealt with the challenges they faced.

I believe the answer lies in deepening our fundamental beliefs and ideals. We are not here because of the properties or economic benefits. We are here because this is the very cradle of the Jewish culture that brings with it aspirations of morals and good will; values that should be fought for bravely. Not only in court, or within the streams of words written on a page, but also in holding the sword when necessary. To overpower those who threaten our existence, and to know that war is in our spirit, and therefore our strength is a necessary condition for their defeat.

We find people who are weary of these wars; people that do not truly understand why they must suffer due to the sins of a failing government. Thee are people with hope; hope that we will be able to continue forward with them. We will live in the land of our ancestors and continue what King David stopped. We will establish a "kingdom of priests and a holy nation" in which there is room for peaceful gentiles. The best of them will be invited to enjoy the fruits of the diligence and initiation that we will bring to this area. But this will happen only when they understand that no one will ever move us from Mount Hevron or anywhere else in the land of Israel.