The return of the classic anti-Semitic leitmotiv
The return of the classic anti-Semitic leitmotiv
During the Second Intifada, Amnesty International charged Israel of "war crimes" in Jenin (later revealed as a completely false accusation).

In 2006, during the war in Lebanon in which the Jewish State defended itself from the attack by Hezbollah, Amnesty produced more documents against Israel than on the genocide in Darfur then in murderous progress.

In the documents of Amnesty, Israel's barrier against suicide bombers has become an "apartheid" fence.

It is the contemporary version of the Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger's interpretation of the Holocaust as "Jewish self-destruction".
And during the last war in Gaza against Hamas, Amnesty asked Obama's administration to "immediately suspend the military aid to Israel." 

But it is during this Third Intifada that the Nobel Prize for Peace Laureate, the flagship of Western humanitarianism, has perhaps reached the peak of the absurd.

Amnesty just condemned Israel for killing Palestinian Arab terrorists who attempted on the life of Israeli civilians, calling these "extrajudicial executions". Amnesty even charges Israel of deliberately putting the knives in the hands of Palestinian terrorists, citing anonymous "witnesses." 

But it is not only Amnesty. It is the entire apparatus of humanitarian NGOs who have transformed Israel into the aggressor and the Palestinian terrorists into helpless victims. The files of these corrupted NGOs are increasingly decisive in defaming Israel at the United Nations
and their lamentations often bring the stamp of the European Union.

They have had a deep impact on the disinformation campaign against Israel that has swept across the entire European press. This manipulation of truth serves to equate the sense of guilty for the Holocaust and "the lessons Israel didn't learn from it".  

A group of NGOs funded by the European Union member countries, including B'Tselem, Adalah, Physicians for Human Rights and Yesh Din, has just denounced "the use of firearms to kill the Palestinians."

Human Rights Watch, whose anti-Israel bias has been repeatedly denounced, claims to have "documented the illegal use of force by the Israeli security forces." Its director, the self hating Jew Kenneth Roth, tweeted: "Horrible deadly cycle: 'lone wolf' Palestinian attacks, excessively lethal Israeli response". 

This is the perverse language of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate which has transformed the Jews into the killers and the terrorists into victims. The world is relieved to hear that Jews are the aggressors. It is the same message spread everywhere: at the Geneva UN headquarters, at Brussels' European Union, on the front pages of newspapers, in television headlines. 

What we are witnessing is the return of the biggest anti-Semitic leitmotiv: the Jews as "Christ killers". It is the contemporary version of the Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger's interpretation of the Holocaust as "Jewish self-destruction".

Now the biggest lie of all, "Israel's aggression," has become the topic of table conversation in Europe's parliaments and in the upper and immoral chattering classes.