Europe has become Israel's enemy
Europe has become Israel's enemy

The Palestinian jihad has a very evocative expression with regard to the act of slaughtering an Israeli Jew by a knife: “When we will slit your throat, we will slit it for Netanya”. That seaside city is the most fragile border of the Jewish State, with only 5 kilometers separating Netanya from the Palestinian Arab town of Tulkarem. Israel’s retreat to those 16 km would be the world’s dream come true.

Open any European newspaper these days and you will not understand who is stabbing whom in Jerusalem. The knives used by the Islamic State to behead “infidels” have been turned into a symbol of evil but the Palestinian Arab knives are always justified and even deleted from the news headlines. As if the blades of Palestinian Arabs are less sharp. As if the blood of Israeli Jews is less red. As if the Jewish State has to offer the world its throat. 

Open any European newspaper these days and you will not understand who is stabbing whom in Jerusalem.
This week an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome titled “Wallonwall” by the German photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer likens the Israeli barrier to the Berlin Wall. A graffiti bears the inscription “Warsaw 1943”, accompanied by a swastika and the Star of David. Unlike the barrier between the United States and Mexico, which has been built to stop the movement of population, Israel’s fence is the only in the world built to prevent innocent citizens from being stabbed, shot and blown up. But the mainstream media, from the liberal CNN to the conservative Daily Mail, are managing to turn Israel into the aggressor. 

It is such a crazy situation that even the former chairman of the BBC, Michael Grade, felt compelled to send a letter of protest to the leaders of his former company: “You promote equivalence between the Israeli victims of terrorism and the Palestinians who were killed by Israeli security forces in the act to carry out terrorist attacks”, writes Grade, who took the command of the BBC after the Hutton report.

But it is not only a problem at the BBC, which should be renamed the “Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation”. All the headlines published by major Western media are horrible. No newspaper in Europe has recognized the reality in Israel. Jewish victims and Arab aggressors are always put on the same level, terrorism is defined as “tension” and the right of Israel to self-defense becomes “execution” in cold blood. After the knives and assaults with guns have done their deadly work, it is always the turn of the anti-Semitic "breaking" news.

Nos, Dutch public television, broadcast only 13 of the 50 seconds of the video of the Nazareth woman wounded by Israeli agents. It edited out the first part where you see this female terrorist holding a knife. The conservative newspaper Daily Mail reported on the attack under the headline: “Palestinian Woman executed in Afula”. After some protests, the word “executed” was changed to “shot”. 

The British Daily Telegraph, the Norwegian Verdens Gang and the American CNN all turned the Palestinian Arabs in the victims of Israel’s reprisal.

The New York Times published the worst propaganda with an article on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. “Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalem’s Holiest Place” is the title of the article in the New York Times, which called into question, just as the false Palestinian Islamic propaganda does, the link between the sacred area and Jewish history.

In Sky News’ reports, the media owned by Rupert Murdoch, the word “Palestinian” does not even appear.

To understand how Europe is totally indifferent or at best complacent about Israel’s blood being spilled, you have to understand how Marwan Barghouti was turned into a celebrity, an icon, a movie star. He is serving 5 life sentences in an Israeli prison not because he was searching for “peace”, but because Barghouti turned many Jews into pieces at the Sea Food Restaurant in Tel Aviv, in Givat Ze’ev and in Hadera. 

But the Western press loves him and always compares him to Nelson Mandela: “The Question of Barghouti: Is He Mandela or an Arafat?”(Time Magazine); “The Palestinian Mandela” (Il Sole 24 Ore); “The Mandela of Ramallah” (La Stampa); “A Mideast Mandela” (Newsweek) and “A Nelson Mandela for the Palestinians” (International Herald Tribune). The Guardian, the leftist British newspaper, just gave Barghouti a column to incite Palestinian Arabs to stab and shoot Jews. 

The French city of Valenton this summer named a square after him. The French city of Coulounieix-Chamiers did the same: “Barghouti the resister” says the plaque. Twenty French cities have granted him honorary citizenship. There are too many streets named after this butcher of Jews in cowardly Europe. 

A few days ago, Pope Francis opened the work of the synod on the family with a prayer for “Syria, Iraq, Jerusalem and the West Bank”. Isn’t there a state missing on this list? Meanwhile, at Unesco’s headquarters in Paris, the Palestinian Arabs were allowed to submit a proposal to include even the Western Wall of Jerusalem in their Al Aksa Mosque.

Europe has turned into an enemy of Israel and the Jewish people. Shortly before the writing of this article, Scandinavian Airlines suspended its flights to Tel Aviv for “security reasons”. But the sky over Europe is sick.