Keep ISM Out of Judea and Samaria
Keep ISM Out of Judea and Samaria

If the daily knife attacks and other murders by the Palestinians aren’t disconcerting enough for you, consider this: The International Solidarity Movement plans to bring international “volunteers” to the Holy Land for the next Olive Harvest in November from all over the US and EU.

The Israeli government knows the ISM is really a terrorist support group and these radicals from the US and EU come specifically to interfere with the IDF. But I don’t see the government doing anything to really prevent this. As Jews are being knifed and run over by cars, why not admit these hellions to interfere even more with the IDF?

The ISM on their website tells their “activists” how to enter Israel and warns them it isn’t as easy as it used to be. Now they are prepping their people to accuse Jews of harassing Arab children, and since their antics have become recognized as supporting terror, the new game is to tell people that those religious Jewish settlers are attacking peace loving Arabs all the time in the 'West Bank' and the brats from Berkeley and New York are the only line of defense against the murderous IDF.

Basim Tamimi of Nabi Saleh is an Arab ISM leader who arranges the weekly riots and stone throwing at IDF soldiers. His whole family gets into the act for the ISM propaganda machine. They were the ones who attacked and bit and IDF soldier who was arresting Tamimi’s 12 year-old brat for throwing stones at the IDF. His wife and Tamimi’s daughters all descended on the soldier and kicked and bit him until the 12 year-old escaped,creating a Kodak moment for the ISM. Tamimi just toured all across the USA for the ISM to encourage more ISM volunteers for next month.

Another American radical, David Sheen, who resides in DImona (yes! Israel lets him live here and doesn’t deport him!) is also touring all over the USA telling people Israel abuses black Israelis, is a racist apartheid  state and also serves to inspire “volunteers” for the ISM. Sheen doesn’t live in Israel because he believes in a Jewish homeland; he lives here because it’s a nice sinecure for a wannabe revolutionary. Sheen is touring ISM venues in the USA currently telling audiences that Israel is based on a culture of “rape.” That ought to bring some volunteers.

Think about it. The press talks about “lone wolf” knife attacks by the Arabs and how most attacks are done by young people. If you think the ISM won’t help the Arabs facilitate this more easily next month, think again. Young people flock together and the Arabs will make them feel even more welcome as they burden the IDF with their “direct action.”  If one Jew gets knifed or killed because ISMers managed to work with their Arab buddies to keep the IDF preoccupied, then they will consider themselves having a good day.

The ISM on their website lists two phone numbers for their “training coordinator” 059-530-7448 for his cell and +972-59-530-7448 to call internationally from abroad. The government hasn’t blocked this number. It must do so.

Here’s a novel idea: if you care about our soldiers how about calling their “coordinator” and apply for training then don’t show up?  How about publishing the name and location of this coordinator too? Is she or he an American? If the coordinator is an international write the Interior Ministry and ask that person be deported. Their training page suggests they must be notified by Monday to coordinate training for the same week. How about calling them on Monday and seeing how uncoordinated they can become?  They are very coordinated when it comes to organizing Arabs to throw rocks at the IDF or to create phony scenes for cameras to slander Israel soldiers or Jews living in Yesha. Maybe the average Israeli can help them with their “training” coordination. How about daily phone calls with new identities?

One of my Stop the ISM volunteers managed  get photos of ISM volunteers in the 'West Bank' wielding machine guns in the presence of an Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorist. Accomplished liars, the ISM tries to claim the people photographed were rookies who were “tricked” into being photographed with guns. Of course nobody points out the “rookies” were in fact ISM trainers and that the women are dressed up as Jewish settler women when they aren’t Jewish.

Why do nonviolent activists need to pose as Jews in the 'West Bank' if not for subversive reasons? And still they are functioning there. Even lying in support of terrorist groups is engaging in terrorism. ISM training includes techniques of lying to aid terrorists who would harm Israel and her people.

This is deadly serious. The ISM claims they are nonviolent then classifies stone throwing as nonviolence. They are a subversive group that Israel needs to start locking up, not just deport.  The next time violence is committed by some young Palestinian, ask yourself if an ISM activist didn’t help facilitate the attacks  from renting a car for the attacker to even just providing transportation.

ISM trainings are planned soon in Ramallah. If Israel's  government won’t stop them, maybe individual Israelis can.