Arab Killing Spree and the Absurdity of Israeli Compassion
Arab Killing Spree and the Absurdity of Israeli Compassion

I get it that we are a compassionate people – but this is ridiculous.

Today we read here that in Israeli hospitals it’s first come first served.

So during this killing spree, Arabs wounding and murdering Israelis at will by the day, by the hour, Jewish doctors make no distinction between the Arab terrorist and the Jewish victim. They get the same treatment, and if the killer gets to the emergency room ahead of time, he or she gets the benefit of immediate quality care.

The Jews must wait their turn.

That is not compassion. That is stupidity.

It is that kind of approach, this kind of mercy for the wicked, that gives the enemy the upper hand, knowing how easy it is to play on Jewish emotions…and play they do into this specific Jewish weakness. They play the Israelis for patsies, and rightly so.

Do you hear laughter?

As we stitch up their wounds do you think they’re saying, “These Israelis, these Jews, praise Allah, what a wonderful people!”

No, they’re saying, “What idiots, what suckers, these Israelis, we’ve got them just where we want them.”

Over the past few years, while Hamas was sending rockets across the Jewish State, we thought it strange – at least in America we thought it strange -- that during all that, Israelis dashing for the shelters, Hamas leaders kept sending their wives and daughters into the arms of Jewish doctors and nurses for medical help – and sure enough the killers we offered the finest healing that pity can buy.

We shrugged and said, “That’s odd. But what the hell. That’s Arabs being Arabs and Jews being Jews.”

All things considered, this is farcical and today it is a pure case of giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

In some countries this is treason.

Don’t blame the doctors. Blame Israel’s cockeyed policies and forgetfulness as to what and who comes first.

Blame the government for failure to communicate friend from foe.

Does Israel get points from the UN, does Israel get a smile from the EU for the Jewish spirit of offering both cheeks to get slapped around?

I hear nothing about this from the BBC or The New York Times. They continue to portray Israel as the aggressor, for shooting back.

There is nothing there, no gratitude for Jewish tender loving care for its enemies.

If you say it does not matter. We are Jews and this is what we do. I still say that there is a limit to everything, even to compassion.

At some point compassion becomes absurd – and this is that point.

Not that we are dealing with anything new. I had my own experience when I got wounded in Israel and half the beds were occupied by Arabs and found myself facing a perfect case of mixed emotions. On the one hand, what a glorious people we are!

On the other hand, are we idiots?

No, nothing new about this at all, even here in America, where during the High Holy Day services, here came the hat being passed around for Israel Bonds.

How nice!

But to win our support, some rabbis appealed to our sympathies for the Syrian migrants.

Our hearts, they said, should go out to that Syrian boy who allegedly washed up dead in Turkey.

We don’t have enough Israeli kids to grieve over?

Obviously we Jews are the same all over, bright, loving, merciful, and stupid.

New York-based author and bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. His novel “Indecent Proposal” was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. His latest thriller, largely about media bias and deception, is “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Website: