Lone Wolves?
Lone Wolves?

I hesitated quite a few days before sharing my thoughts once again.

Maybe it was due to a feeling of, it has all been said before or, others will be saying the same - old things again. Why add to the chorus?

Since I live in the eye of the storm perhaps I can add a perspective that might be useful or at least let off some steam.

It has been pointed out that the latest crop of terrorists are very young and act mostly independently of any structured terror organizations; "Lone wolves" is the term used to describe the phenomenon in the USA.

So all ask, what makes them tick?" Experts and those who are legends in their own minds ( thank you Clint Eastwood) talk at us non stop but , it seems to me are not really helpful.

I would like to point out that all of the latest killers were born after September 1993. I am sure you all recognise the significance of that date don't you?

The "Oslo Accords" and Shimon Peres' "New Middle East"  were thrust upon us in September 1993. These very young killers, including school children who lob big fat  rocks onto windshields, were born into a world of non stop incitement against Jews. Their greatest  heroes  are those who kill the greatest number of Jews. The more cruel the act, the greater the adulation and the chance to have a football team named after them.

They were born into a culture  where bravado, cruelty, dishonesty, violence and religious  fantasy (seventy two virgins can be very attractive to a frustrated teen) have always reigned.

Nevertheless  even this primitive, destructive  culture knows its limits. It does understand force. Force is how they govern themselves and it is what they respond to best.

The one thing though  that  they truly despise is weakness. These young killers were born at a time in our history where Israel (the Jews) have been in retreat on every  important and symbolic front. The Temple Mount, Lebanon, Gaza, Hevron, always to the cheers of a winning Arab side. Retreat , retreat  , retreat

Concession, retreat means only one thing - weakness; and they just despise weakness. The weak in their culture know their place;they always have in their world.

Ever since Muhammad succeeded in defeating and massacring the Jewish tribes in the Arabian peninsula,  Muslims gave Jews the choice of humiliation or death. Jews never again dared raise their  head. The Koran defines the proper place for  Jews and they have followed the rule book ever since; that is until recent history.

As Jews began the  historic and prophetic return to their beloved land that  they turned to in prayer for two thousand years, it  simply upset the  Islamic order. When Jews defied both the humiliation and the sword, the Arabs went wild, abandoning all  logic and all other concerns for  what totally  united them; to put the Jews in their rightful place.

These new Jews were an affront to their beliefs and  to their very  manhood.

War after war against the Jewish state taught them that  the rules had indeed changed and a sort of detente based on their respect for Jewish power evolved.

Then came Oslo.

Just as we had them on the ropes; just as they were  losing hope of turning the tide and  were resigning themselves to our strength, we did the least expected.

It was the greatest surprise to them since  Moshe Dayan brought back  the  hysterically frightened,  fleeing Arabs after their shocking defeat of 1967. They just wanted to flee our  wrath and get out  but Dayan assured them there is nothing to fear.

Stupidly criminal  as that move was, the Arabs still respected our might.

However after Oslo, an entire generation was born into a world of Jews on the run; literally and in spirit.

There  was no  memory of a victorious Israel, a determined Jew, but rather one in retreat. More than that, they  know  an Israel who is  merciful to the cruel and cruel to the just (its own Jews - Gush Katif, Amona etc..).

The  Oslo  concessions and weakness  which brought Yasser Arafat to our front doors  brought with it deep  disdain for Jews and the launching  by the Palestinian Authority (that Israel created),of Nazi like, public non stop incitement  to kill Jews and hail the murderers. 

It is this incitment  that Israel ignored from the beginning of Oslo  until today that  fills the heads of the young killers. This is not a new phenomenon in history. The Hitler Jungen were raised in a similar atmosphere and were then  capable of giving their all to the program.The PA read the hand book.

I recall sitting with a Liberal  American  rabbi in the years just after Oslo as  I was guiding his congregation  touring  Israel. I said to him,"Of all the negative actions taken by the PA, one of them must never be ignored, and that is the glorifying of killers of Jews. I told him that there are posters of mass murderers in their kindergartens while in our kindergartens  there are peace doves. This asymmetry can not go on." 

I will never forget his response. He said,"I don't believe it. I have not seen it and I do not believe it."

I told him, "Rabbi, I have never seen Auschwitz , but I believe it existed."

When Eli Wiesel was asked, "What is the  lesson you learned from the Holocaust'? He responded, "The next time they say they want to kill us we must believe them."

It is our weakness that feeds their hate and their uncontrollable blood lust. How does one reverse all that hate?

In the short term it is impossible.

In the long term it is possible by  controlling  their media and  hateful clerics as was done before Oslo. 

But is the short run, how do we discourage  these young  products of a culture of death?

I suggest: 

Deport  their families to Gaza. That is the last place they want to be. Do that and the rest of the  parents parents will  check their brood for knives etc.. before they leave the house in the morning.

For every attack on a Jew, expand Jewish settlement in the very areas they are trying to expel us.

 And get our leaders to finally lead like real Jewish leadership or replace them.