​Putin/Iran Will Rape Sunni Oil Riches as Stalin/Hitler Raped Poland
​Putin/Iran Will Rape Sunni Oil Riches as Stalin/Hitler Raped Poland

In 1939, about 9 months after Chamberlain inked his Munich-Czechoslovakian appeasement of Hitler, Stalin and Hitler (in their oxymoronically named “Non-Aggression Pact”) agreed to aggressively devour Poland, thus precipitating World War II. 

In 2015, a mere 3 months after President Obama inked his Vienna-Nuclear appeasement of Iran, Putin and Iran agreed to devour Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, thus inevitably precipitating World War III.  Obama’s inane “peace in our time” has already immediately reaped war and death “dividends” for millions of Sunni Muslims who face certain genocide and war crimes at the hands of an evil amalgam of Putin’s Russian mafiacracy spliced with Khamenei’s Shiite Islamic theocracy.

What is Putin’s goal?  Putin plans on becoming the nuclear, UN-veto wielding Godfather of the Middle East.  Putin has got an offer the Sunnis can’t refuse, because Putin is going to kill them first, and ask questions later.  Putin plans to first secure the Iran-Iraq-Syria oil and gas pipeline to the Eastern Mediterranean with his nuclear umbrella. 

Then, Russia intends to collect the Saudi Arabian part of the Black Gold Triangle and leave Mecca to Iran.  The Black Gold Triangle is the topographic delta formed by the Tigris and Euphrates River in the Fertile Crescent that holds 56% of the world’s oil supply.  Iran’s goal is to buy Russian military protection for its oil pipeline and hegemonic ground empire to the Eastern Mediterranean.  Unlike the United States, Putin won’t idiotically retreat and return the Sunni’s oil riches to a power vacuum after he occupies them.  He’ll keep them for his Russian Mafiacracy.  Unfortunately, the world can’t wait for Russia and Iran to fight over the leftovers.

Just as Hitler baited Stalin with half of Poland, the Iranians baited Putin with control over the Iran-to-Syria pipeline.  The Iranians inebriated Putin with Catherine-the-Great-like Russian pipedreams of raping Saudi Arabian oil in the not-too-distant future as the stepping-stone to a new Russian Empire.  Also, the Iranians likely incessantly whispered into Putin’s ear that it was the Saudis, who with America, funded the Afghani jihadist who toppled the Soviet Empire to begin with.  Whatever evil notions the Iranians plied Putin with, they worked like a charm.

An Iranian-controlled contiguous corridor from Iran through Iraq through Syria, and even including Lebanon all under the nuclear umbrella of Russia would create a topological east-west scythe through the Middle East. Such an anti-air/area denial “A2/AD” zone would make any conventional US defense of Saudi Arabia or any of the Sunni Kingdoms impossible. 

Additionally, with an Iran-through-Iraq-to-Syria oil pipeline under a Russian nuclear and conventional defense umbrella, Saudi Arabia would be economically besieged.  Therefore, under the Russian-Iranian goal of a Russian protected Iran-Syria-Iraq-Lebanon (“Russian ISIL”) controlled pipeline corridor, Saudi Arabia could not survive either militarily or economically.

What’s most dangerous to the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel?  An ISIL composed of a bunch of isolated Islamic crazies controlling half of Syria and a quarter of Iraq, or a Russian ISIL controlling an Iran-Syria-Iraq-Lebanon land-mass; and then onto an European oil-gas pipeline that will hold Europe hostage to Russian-Iranian oil and gas. 

How to stop Putin? Quickly supply the Syrian rebels with all the TOWs, LAWs, SPG-9s with mounted gun-sights, heavy-caliber ammo, and 122m anti-personnel katyushas you can make.  For the rebels to defeat the combination of Russian Air and Shiite ground forces, the rebels will need not only the heavier TOW anti-tank, but also tons and tons of lighter and smaller anti-tank weapons.  LAWs are smaller light-anti-tank missiles and SPG-9s are recoilless rifles that carry anti-armor rounds that can decimate convoys and outposts. 

Since none of these weapons represent a proliferation threat, the theater should be flooded with them.  Also, LAWs and SPG-9s are dirt cheap and very, very small and transportable.  With Russian precision bombing, the rebels will have to present smaller and more dispersed targets to evade targeting.

With the anti-personnel katyushas targeting and harassing Russian Air bases, the Syrian rebels will be able to draw the Iranian/Russian forces to attack the rebels outside of the defensive perimeter of their bases.  The katyushas’ ball-bearings will tear through parked Russian fighter-jets and render them useless.  The Russians seem to have forgotten the logistical problems they had in supplying their Afghanistan bases.

In short, we are not seeing Russia fight ISIL for the good of the world.  Rather, the world is witnessing Russia and Putin commit genocide against the Sunnis, making his hostile take-over bid for the Black Gold Triangle where he can fund and expand his empire, and further extort Europe with Russia’s newly stolen Saudi Arabian oil reserves.