Jihadist Jew Hunting in Jerusalem and Shomron
Jihadist Jew Hunting in Jerusalem and Shomron

The recent murders of Jews in Jerusalem and in Shomron are as horrifying as they are predictable. They are Third Intifada lone-Jihadist stabbing sprees, post-Abbas-at-the-United Nations vigilante group shootings. These very specific anti-Semitic murders are being minimized, poorly covered, subsumed under the front page headlines of the Oregon college shootings.

For example, the Oregon atrocity made page A1 in the New York Times and took up two whole additional pages in Section A. The Jerusalem murders appeared on page 8, at page bottom, and took up only 1/4th of the page. In addition, the Palestinian stabber-shooter was described as a “law student”; his victims were described as “ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.” Late last week, Palestinians shot and killed two parents in front of their four children; they are described as “settlers” in the “occupied West Bank.”

In short, as many have been led to believe, these Jewish victims are somehow deserving of their fates, since they have “provoked” Palestinians by “humiliating them.”

The NYT “spin” on the Oregon shooting is, as usual, one which focuses on the need for gun control and the crisis of mental illness. The killers featured there are mainly white, mentally ill men, who had access to guns. This is the company in which the Oregon shooter is placed. The Times and other mass media do not write that Mercer-Harper is bi-racial nor do they focus on his internet love affair with Jihad.  

President Obama is called our first “black” President although his mother was Caucasian and very white and his father was a black African. Conversely, but similarly, Mercer-Harper, the Oregon shooter’s father is white but his mother is an African-American nurse. Does this make Mercer-Harper one of the white boys? Just asking.

I have no doubt that these men were “mentally ill.” However, there is a difference between someone who is “mentally ill,” let’s say a paranoid schizophrenic or depressed, someone who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, or has a Social Personality Disorder but who grew up in a Judeo-Christian culture—and someone who suffers from any of these same psychiatric illnesses, but who has grown up in a tribal, shame-and-honor Muslim culture, (which routinely means serious but normalized child neglect and abuse, paternal absence, and the most profound devaluation of women and infidels). Take someone from such a culture and who is “mentally ill,” and who is living during a period of glorified global Jihad and who has been propagandized into becoming a human bomb, stabber, or stoner of other Muslims and of all infidels and we have a very different kind of problem.

The “mentally ill” loner-boys in the Judeo-Christian West have latched on to a variety of ideologies that are not currently collectively embraced. They are viewed by all as racists, haters, disgusting. The “mentally ill” loner-boys in Muslim societies are not loners once they embrace an approved ideology of violent, externally oriented Jihad. And, they are glorified, treated as martyr-heroes. This, too, is an important difference.

Such distinctions must be made especially as Europe is being flooded with countless immigrants from Muslim cultures and as President Obama keeps upping the number of Muslim immigrants whom America will be accepting.

Neither Obama nor the Pope have specifically called for the acceptance of Christians and Yazidis. One must wonder why. And, one must challenge them both on this point.

Appeared in Frontpage Magazine.