Anti-Semitism devours Europe
Anti-Semitism devours Europe
Primary school children in Paris and Montreuil have just been handed out diaries featuring a map from which Israel has been wiped out and replaced by "Palestine".  

The diaries were produced by the League Against Cancer and distributed by the City of Paris led by a Socialist mayor, Anne Hidalgo, who has always been very friendly with the PLO's head Mahmoud Abbas. 

Everywhere, anti-Semitism is devouring Europe and the West is tired of Israel. 

Can someone really explain this crazy European anti-Semitism?
Dagbladet is an old crown jewel of Norwegian journalism. Founded in 1869, Oslo's tabloid is a symbol of the social democratic, multicultural and pacifist nation which awards the Nobel Peace Prize. A few days ago Dagbladet published a comic strip that shows a woman in a supermarket. "What if the food is produced in an unethical manner?". The woman is holding oranges and is told: "These are from Israel. If you purchase these you support the murderers". 

It is not the first time that the daily newspaper, symbol of the Norwegian intelligentsia, goes overboard in its hatred for the Jewish state. Dagbladet once published a cartoon where you see Palestinian terrorists released in exchange for Gilad Shalit, coming out of a prison which bears the insignia of Buchenwald: "Jedem das Seine" (to each his own).

It is the same Dagbladet that published a cartoon where a child is waiting to be circumcised in a bloodbath. The caption reads: "Ill-treatment? No it is an important part of our faith. " The father then stabs him with a pitchfork. 

Something is rotten in the state of Norway, as Marcello of Shakespeare's Hamlet would have put it.

A few days ago an image was imprinted as a background on a credit card issued by Dnb Bank, the largest financial institution in the country. You see a Jew with a hooked nose, a yarmulke on his head, a prayer shawl and a cascade of gold coins.

A month ago, the organizers of a film festival in Oslo refused an Israeli documentary, "The other dreamers", on children with disabilities because the festival supports the boycott.

The sovereign wealth fund of Norway, which manages oil revenues, has divested from the Israeli company Elbit, "guilty" of having built the barrier that stopped the suicide bombers.

The union El & En, which represents workers in the energy industry, adopted a boycott of the Israeli trade union, the Histadrut.

Even the cultural and scientific community is imbued with hatred. Ingrid Harbitz of Oslo's School of Veterinary Medicine has refused to send a blood sample to the Goldyne Savad Institute of Jerusalem with the following motivation: "I do not want to deliver material to any Israeli university."

Johan Galtung, the Norwegian sociologist known as "the father of peace studies", won numerous awards, at the University of Oslo, but also said that there is a link between the terrorist responsible for the massacre of Utoya and the Mossad, the Israeli secret service .

The author of the bestseller "Sophie's World", Jostein Gaarder, in an article for Norwegian newspapers, has openly imagined the destruction of Israel. 

No anti-Semites, after the Holocaust, had ever ventured on this ground. Including the cartoons of these Social Democrat quislings. 

Jews in Norway are just 0.003 percent of the total population, but Oslo is a bastion of global anti-Semitism. We are talking about the land which tops the list of the most "peaceful" countries in the Global Peace Index every year

Can someone really explain this crazy European anti-Semitism? I have no other explanation other than comparing it to the dog rage syndrome or mad cow disease.