Why Aren’t Palestinians Joining The Rush To Europe?
Why Aren’t Palestinians Joining The Rush To Europe?

Another day, another murder in Jerusalem – and Bibi is taking swift action. He’s collecting his staff together for an “emergency meeting.”

That’ll scare the pants off the terrorists! They’re shaking in their boots at the thought of, oh my gawd – an emergency meeting.

Actually it wasn’t just another day when Alexander Levlovitz was killed as the result of Palestinian Arab rock throwers.

It happened at the time of Rosh Hashanah – the Hebrew New Year.

Which automatically says that the new year will be the same as the old year. The Arabs will keep murdering Israelis.

Israelis will continue to hold meetings.

If these particular Arabs are so unhappy about living among Jews that it drives them crazy enough to commit such frequent acts of random bloodshed, why stay? Logic assumes that they’d be happier among their brothers – in Syria, for example. No wait. The Syrians are leaving in droves. They’re not happy among their fellow Syrians.

Same for Iraq, Yemen, Libya and a dozen other such places where Arabs can’t live in harmony with Arabs, never mind Jews.

Arabs are miserable living with Jews. Arabs are miserable living with Arabs. Do we have this straight? Seems so, even if we are only talking about a minority. But a minority is still a big crowd, enough to fill entire stadiums, like the ones in Hungary, a nation that is trying to keep them penned in to thwart a full-scale invasion of the continent.

That won’t stop anybody “seeking a better life,” as the BBC and the rest of the news media keep reminding us. But why mostly men? Those are mostly men in those imagines of the stampede waiting to storm across all borders. Don’t Muslim women also deserve a “better life?”

Germany offers free room and board, healthcare, jobs, and plenty of space to throw rocks. What’s keeping the Palestinians?
Plus the question of a better life to do what? Best not to ask. Germany, Austria and Sweden are already finding out to their everlasting peril.

So the Syrians are doing the smart thing. They keep coming. By the thousands, and soon the millions, step-by-step they’re taking over Europe as these pages saw coming with the warning that, “The Koran has arrived and it has come to devour the Bible.”

The Europeans may be stupid.

Not so Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States or even Lebanon and Jordan, who want no part of “their culture and their conflicts.”

But the Syrians know a good thing when they see one – and Germany, most of all, is a good thing.

Germany (though now hesitant) still wants these people and has already sent out a formal invitation for 800,000, which, as we wrote earlier here, will raise the total number of Muslims living within Germany to six million, the same number of Jews that the Germans sent to the gas chambers merely a generation ago.

We called it karma and a trade, Muslims for Jews, that Germany will rue.

So if Germany is so hospitable a place for unhappy Syrians – what’s wrong with the Palestinians? They are also unhappy.

Why wait?

Germany offers free room and board, healthcare, jobs, and plenty of space to throw rocks. What’s keeping the Palestinians?

They’ll be welcomed. Everything will be so much like home – mosques galore, five calls a day to prayer, and the heartwarming summons to trample the infidels.

But they refuse to budge. They’re staying. Puzzling that they are not joining the million-man migration.

Is it because they have it so good in Israel? I think so. Israel is a land of freedom. Arabs enjoy all the freedoms enjoyed by Jews.

So it is not necessary for the Palestinian Arabs to “seek a better life.” They already have it by staying put.

Why do they murder? Is the pope Catholic?

Another emergency meeting might be timely for Bibi and his ministers. This one ought to be about how to entice the Palestinians to leave for the happier hunting grounds of such European countries as Sweden and Germany. These two are always complaining about the birthrate.

Just the other day, with a straight face, The New York Times quoted Germans as being thrilled by the migration for the sake of birthrate.

They need to boost the birthrate, you see, which keeps declining due to the lack of infants being born to everyday Swedes and Germans.

Hence, the Syrians and the Iraqis to the rescue. There will be birthrate. What can possibly go wrong with that!

So it’s only fair that Israel ought to consider a program that would be of service to everybody. Send them the Palestinians.

By doing this Europe will be happy and the Palestinians will be as happy as they can ever be, anywhere.

New York-based author and bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. His novel “Indecent Proposal” was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. His latest thriller is “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Website: www.jackengelhard.com