BDS Caught Being TOO Anti-Semitic – Matisyahu Wins
BDS Caught Being TOO Anti-Semitic – Matisyahu Wins

It appears that there’s a limit to anti-Semitism, so far as how much of it people can take.

Even anti-Semites can’t always swallow it in one lump. As everybody knows by now, reggae star Matisyahu was banned from performing at a big time reggae festival in Spain, this after BDS contacted the show’s sponsors, Rototom Sunsplash, with startling news. Matisyahu is Jewish.

So therefore do what comes naturally – boycott.

Apparently, this Jewish American artist is big in reggae circles. Jews and everybody else around the world cried foul, and Matisyahu was re-invited.

Spain apologized, the organizers blushed, claiming that they’d been coerced and intimidated by the Palestinian Arabs who run the BDS racket.

This is how they prove themselves to be tolerant and deserving of a Palestinian state – by heckling anyone who disagrees with them.
That won’t happen again, they promise – well, until BDS gets wind of the next Jewish performer, anywhere around the world.

That’s what they do, the BDS people. They troll the world to shut down or shout down Jews everywhere.

This is how they prove themselves to be tolerant and deserving of a Palestinian state – by heckling anyone who disagrees with them.

That is all they do. They invent nothing. They discover nothing. They cure nothing. They produce nothing. They contribute nothing. For all that, go to Israel. Go to the Jews. But on bullying and spreading hatred and discord around the world – on this the BDS Arabs and fellow termites are first-class. On this they are experts. After that, zero.

In Spain they did get their comeuppance and got exposed as they do in this thriller of a book.

Of Matisyahu, they demanded that he sign papers denouncing Israel. To his everlasting credit, he refused. He is not Israeli. He was born Matthew Paul Miller in West Chester, Pa., but as some are beginning to learn, Jews everywhere share Jacob’s Israelite birthright. Doesn’t matter where you were born.

Ask your local anti-Semite if West Chester is any different from Jerusalem when it comes to them laying it on.

Personally, the entire flap came as a surprise. I am embarrassed to admit this. Really – where have I been all these years? Until last Friday, I had never heard of Matisyahu. That’s understandable because we do not do much reggae around my home.

I will try it some day. That’s a promise. I already picture myself on the dance floor astonishing my friends to this additional talent.

He writes and dances, too?

Some good came out of this snafu in Spain. Chalk one up against BDS and its ferocious losers.

This time the world caught them in the act for being TOO anti-Semitic. That’s progress. Could be the start of something.

Or maybe not. But like dancing – one step at a time.

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