Talibanism in Our Midst
Talibanism in Our Midst

I am disgusted. Utterly and thoroughly infuriated. There is no end, it seems, to the fanaticism which has developed like poison ivy among a small, but virulently anti-Israel fringe group that considers itself part of the so-called ‘Ultra Religious’ sector within Judaism. There are no longer red-lines at which these radical fanatics are willing to stop. They are a danger and a vile menace to our society and the wellbeing of world Judaism. In their convoluted extremism they would go to any length to justify their own brand of Judaic Talibanism. Other than Ayatollahs who are proud of them, they bring shame and disgust to the rest of us.

Without the need to name them outright, they have become quite infamous on the world scene as they openly support Iran against Israel and they willingly desecrate the Shabbos in order to portray their sick solidarity with the enemies of their own brothers. Parades, demonstrations, speeches and other hateful shenanigans have become the norm in the education they disseminate to their children who are taught to hate their fellow Jews and swear allegiance to Islamofascism. In their blind hate they have even gone so far as to agree with the anti-Semitic deniers who claim that the Holocaust atrocities have been inflated in order to serve the propaganda cause of Zionism.

Israel should be destroyed is their mantra. Do they support murder too?

No need to wonder. Take Yishai Shlissel, the Gay-parade stabber of 2005 in last week’s parade in Jerusalem. Having served ten-years for the attempted murder of three marchers, Yishai was released a mere few weeks ago and immediately proceeded to repeat his sick outrage. This time, however, he succeeded in murdering a seventeen-year-old girl and seriously injuring five others. Life in solitary would be too short of a sentence.

So why am I so outraged?  In bold, huge letters, underwritten by a vague, organization newly-established for the exact purpose of ambiguity, signs are plastered (and since countered, thank G-d) in ultra-religious areas of Jerusalem with kudos and admiration for the murderer and his bloody deed. The placards compare the man to Pinchas HaKohen (Phineas) as they praise him and shower accolades for the ‘holy’ deed Yishai has carried out "for the sake of G-D" (leshem Shamayim), no less.  A beautiful term used to portray this despicable murderer as a savior of the dishonored name of G-D which has in their twisted eyes been redeemed by the dastardly act of cowardice. No different than the praise Hamas and Abbas shower on the killers and murders of innocents. They, too, murder, kill and slaughter for the name of Allah.  How low have we gone?

Therefore, a few words directed to the killer, Yishai Shlissel:

Don’t get overly pleased when you read those placards written with sheer stupidity and in pure hate. You are no Pinchas.  Your act defiles his name. And you are no savior. The killing you committed was an ugly murder, no different than the slaughterers in Har Nof or the murderers of the Hatuel family. They killed for hate and you hated enough to kill.  You are an extremely sick individual who should have never been allowed to leave jail and hopefully you will never get out this time around. Here is wishing that the girl’s soul will haunt your nights and in the daytime, that it will never let you go.