Unbearable Double Standard After Anti-Gay Attack In Jerusalem
Unbearable Double Standard After Anti-Gay Attack In Jerusalem

Over the past six days, Israeli authorities answered 112 calls from Jewish civilians being attacked by Arabs.

Week after week Israelis are harassed, stoned, firebombed, run over, shot, knifed…but no headlines for this.

No stories at all. Zero. Nothing happened. It only makes noise when once every four years a single Israeli breaks bad.

All right, call it two Israelis who broke bad, one for the anti-Gay stabbing incident in Jerusalem followed by an arson attack against the Arab village of Duma, both crimes actively and gloatingly blamed on “religious Jewish extremists.” The piling on begins at once.

The Jewish Daily Forward, where Jane Eisner serves as editor, wants the entire “Settler” movement punished. (Eisner believes it’s a sign of “maturity” when American Jews abandon Israel.) Other fanatical Jewish leftists want Religious Israelis abolished. “Something must be done,” they say.

Over two solitary attacks.

In Israel, two or three Jews gone rogue constitutes “a crime wave.”

The EU, silent over the rape epidemic sweeping England, where Muslim men use Christian English women for sexual pastimes by numbers that are staggering, was quick to respond, insisting that Israel must show “zero tolerance” for  “Settler violence.”

Thank you for the lecture. But first tell it to the Palestinians for whom violence against Israelis is so unbearably routine.

The criminal acts allegedly committed by Israelis over the past few days are the exception, never the rule. Because they happen so infrequently, this is why the pictures travel so fast and the headlines are written so bold…and why once in a blue moon Israel’s enemies get to cheer and shout, “I told you so.”

There are no stories about Gays being stabbed in the Muslim world because there are no Gays in the Muslim world – none that are still alive.
The New York Times and Haaretz were thrilled at the chance to knock Israel as a nation of Gay intolerance – all because ONE MAN went berserk.

Israel’s hospitality to Gays is seldom remarked.

There are no stories about Gays being stabbed in the Muslim world because there are no Gays in the Muslim world – none that are still alive.  

Within America we have the same sensationalized coverage but it’s against the police and it’s the same business of stereotyping.

Over the past eight days every TV network has played and replayed another white cop-black suspect shooting event, this time in Cincinnati.

This comes after Ferguson, Baltimore and New York, so four altogether where cops are in the crosshairs of a frenzied media. Four.

Never mentioned are the million cops who make their daily stops heroically and honorably and without fanfare.

Quite a media frenzy it’s been about Cincinnati, people saying here’s more proof of police brutality against blacks.

No! This proves the opposite. We are shocked by alleged police misbehavior in America not because it is so frequent, but because it is so rare.

If it were frequent it would be as boring and as unreported and last night’s 38 black-on-black shootings in Chicago.

We are shocked by criminal acts committed by Israelis because it is so out of character.

From Israelis we demand perfection. Likewise cops. One false move and it’s Gotcha.

New York-based novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. Website: www.jackengelhard.com