The World Feels Vindicated if Jews Harm Arab Children
The World Feels Vindicated if Jews Harm Arab Children
At the time this writing is penned, the Israeli army has not yet caught those who set fire to a house resulting in the death of a Palestinian Arab child. But the world, in a spiritual and moral liberation, was likely relieved by hearing that Jews might have burned an Arab child. 

Israeli ministers, from Likud's Erdan to leftist Herzog, immediately ran to the press to evoke the Holocaust. The New York Times had the story for hours as breaking news. The European Union and the United Nations all condemned the "settler violence", targeting, without proof, the one tenth of the Israeli population that lives beyond the Green Line. 

The Israeli media, oh, they displayed a moral urgency and compassion we have never seen or heard when Jewish babies were slaughtered in Hevron, Gush Katif or Elon Moreh. Never. And believe me, I read thousands of reports and commentaries about the Second Intifada.

Haaretz, whose owner judged the Japanese Tsunami as more important than the Fogel's massacre, has been preaching since Thursday about Israeli sins. 

Do you rememeber the Mohammed al Dura lie? It has become table conversation in Europe's parliaments and in the upper chattering classes. But nobody in the West knows the story of the Fogel's from Itamar, of the father, mother and three babies slaughtered one Friday night. It was not a "price tag", but a jihad. 

No, I'm sorry to say to my Israeli friends, don't expect any truth: those slain by Arab terror are the victims of Israel's "domination of a foreign country". 

Not far from where an Arab child was killed last week, Arab terrorists killed a Jewish girl, Tirza Porat, while she was on a hike. She was the first Israeli civilian to die in the first Intifada. The Western press and many Israeli journalists blamed her for not staying away “from restive Palestinian villages”. Not a word of condemnation of Arab leaders for encouraging 5-year-olds to join mobs throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, but they condemned Tirza for being victimized. Nobody remembers her name. 

Last week in Samaria, the Israeli mainstream and Western public opinion felt better blaming the Jews for brutalizing Palestinian Arab children and in reading that Jews might have caused the death of a "Palestinian child". It serves to equate the deed with the memory of the Holocaust and the lessons Israel didn't learn from it. 

The killers of the Arab child will be caught and sentenced. Israeli society, the Jews of Judea and Samaria, are sane and mature. It is the world, and the Israeli élite, who are insane.