The End of an Era
The End of an Era

For the past 226 years, the 14th of July has been commemorated as "Bastille Day", the day that the infamous Parisian prison fell into the hands of the people who, rebelling against King Louis XVI, stormed its gates during the French Revolution of 1789. The fall of the Bastille  symbolizes the fall of the French monarchy and its despotism, and the establishment of the Republic, the nation of the people, based on liberty, equality and fraternity. This is France's national holiday. The French Revolution became a model for many other peoples who took their destiny into their own hands, and it is therefore ffitting to view the 14th of July, 1789, as the day that ushered in the democratic era, the rule of brave people who defeated despotism, destroyed a dictatorship and founded the democratic framework in which a citizenry runs its own affairs, with liberty and freedom for all.

On the very same day, 226 years later, the 14th of July 2015, representatives of several democracies – one of them France – together with representatives of less democratic countries, Russia and China, signed an agreement in which the democratic world capitulated to the despotic dictatorship that is Iran.  The world, in effect, authorized Iran's plans to achieve regional, and possibly greater than regional, hegemony, while ignoring the destructive role the land of the Ayatollahs plays in countries like Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

How strange that Germany, of all nations, is an active and central participant in allowing Iran to finish the job Hitler did not manage to complete.
Worst of all, ethically speaking, is the Syrian scenario: Iran supports Assad publicly, in fact the commander of the Iranian Quds force is in charge of the fight to save Assad's regime and in command of all the forces fighting for the Syrian regime – Hezbollah, the remnants of the Syrian army and  Afghan "volunteers" forced to come to Syria from Iran. The world hears the sounds of the mass murders of Syrian citizens carried out by Iran and sees them on its screens, but the world is silent. The signed agreement does not even mention the Syrian tragedy in which Iran is the main protagonist.

Iran destroyed the only pseudo-democratic  Arab nation in the Middle East, Lebanon, by arming the Shiite militia known as Hezbollah, thereby  upsetting the delicate ethnic balance in the country and turning it into a state ruled by one man, Hassan Nasrallah, who did not hesitate to initiate a military operation in 2006 that led to thousands dead and the collapse of the country's infrastructure.  The west, the bastion of democracy, did not demand Iran cease destroying Lebanon.

Iran is trying to turn Yemen into another satellite state in order to control the Bab el Mandab Straits and threaten Saudi Arabia from the south. The Saudis have created a coalition of Arab states in order to protect themselves, and as a result Yemen became a battlefield that saw thousands killed. The signed agreement with Iran does not contain a demand to honor Yemen and its fragile political system.

Iran does not hide its plans to destroy Israel, meaning that the Iran agreement is nothing less than a stab in the collective back of the Jewish people, with the Western powers holding the knife.  How strange that Germany, of all nations, is an active and central participant in allowing Iran to finish the job Hitler did not manage to complete.

The Iranian regime runs its country with an iron fist, with torture chambers as well as cranes on which criminals are hanged in city squares.  This is a regime that flogs women in public if they dare to wear clothing that is not exactly according to the Ayatollah's rules. The agreement signed with Iran does not demand it honor human rights, political freedom or the rights of minorities and women. The agreement legitimizes the present Iranian regime, so very similar to the regime of Louis XVI, accepting it into the twenty-first century's family of nations.

On Bastille Day this year, the14th of July 2015, France (yes, France!), Great Britain, Germany and the United States of America betrayed the values of democracy, liberty and government of the people, by granting one of the darkest, most violent and anti-democratic regimes in the world the license to continue developing  the nuclear program that will allow it to rule over its neighbors and export murder and destruction to every corner of the world, as it has been doing since 1979 under the banner "exporting the revolution".

The magnificent era that began at the Bastille in Paris is coming to a sad, weak-voiced end, as 226 years after the flag of freedom was raised on high, the democratic West has bowed to the dictatorial Islamic intransigence of Iran.

Several reasons stand behind the West's submission to Iran:

  • Obama's strong desire to be written down in the history books as the person who did at least one positive thing towards achieving world peace, after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • The European countries' drive to open the Iranian market to Europe's static industry, and hopefully, get Iran to pour the hundreds of billions it will now receive into the frozen economy of the EU.
  • A delusionary belief that it is possible to supervise Iranian designs for acquiring nuclear weapons, when according to the terms of the agreement, no one has the right to enter suspected sites without Iranian governmental permission.
  • The hope that in another 15 years – once the supervisory period is over – Iran will  have turned into a peace-loving nation.

The Arab World's Response

During the hours following the agreement's signing the Arab world's rulers stayed silent, certainly in comparison to the voices emanating from Israel.

There are several reasons for this:

In the Arab world, men are expected to stay calm no matter what calamity befalls them, because emotional, noisy reactions are considered a feminine trait. Arab rulers try to radiate a serious and practical mien, as a cultural imperative and as part of a strict behavioral code. The Saudis, in fact,  take this to extremes.

The rulers of the Arab countries realize that the situation is now a given and are trying to make the best of it: they have sent congratulatory telegrams to the president of Iran, not to show their support for the agreement but so that their names won't appear on the list of those who did not send congratulatory telegrams…

Saudi Arabia has warned that a nuclear arms race is about to begin, this after the Saudis financed Pakistan's nuclear program, in the understanding that when the day comes, Saudi Arabia will obtain whatever it needs from that country

The Arab nations, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, will increase the logistic and financial aid they have been providing the Syrian rebels, possibly even to ISIS, so as to shorten the Lebanese-Syrian tentacle of the Iranian octopus.

Turkey, a Sunni state, will also play a part in the anti-Iranian efforts, by increasing its aid to the organizations fighting Assad.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE will increase the aid they are providing to the Iraqi Sunnis, allowing them to expand their violent activities against the present Iranian puppet Shiite regime in Iraq.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE will in all probability increase the amount of oil they send to the already glutted oil market, so as to lower the price Iran gets for the oil the agreement allows it to sell. Lowering the price of oil will make investment in developing new oilfields in Iran not financially worthwhile, so that the Saudis and the UAE will succeed in freezing some of the foreign investments in Iran.

Saudi Arabia and the Emirates will in all probability increase the aid they are giving rebellious groups in Iran, such as the Baluchi and the Kurds, both Sunni,  in the hope that their efforts will bear fruit and topple –inshallah (with G-d's help) - the present regime.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE will raise the level of their funding to organizations opposed to the Iranian regime, led by Mojahedin-e-Khalq, so that these groups can expand their efforts to find the secret locations at which Iran is developing nuclear weapons. These organizations have revealed secret installations in the past, the ones the Iranians "forgot" to report to the International  Atomic Energy Agency, despite  their being signed on the non-nuclear proliferation accord.

Saudi Arabia will in all probability increase its supervision of the Shiite minority in the kingdom, to prevent its being influenced by Iran. This may heighten tensions between the Saudis and Iranian pilgrims who come to the Haj in Mecca. There have been bloody clashes between Iranian pilgrims and the Saudi regime in the past.

However,  the most important thing still has not occurred: John Kerry and Juad Zarif have yet to be awarded their Nobel Prizes. Never mind that the world will sink into a dangerous and stormy Iranian Era, one that will obliterate the achievements of the 14th of July, 1789, 

Written for Arutz Sheva, translated from Hebrew by Op-ed and Judaism Editor Rochel Sylvetsky .