It's not about Soccer, Stupid. It's about Israel's Survival
It's not about Soccer, Stupid. It's about Israel's Survival

I am not a soccer fan, to put it mildly, and my mentor, the late Dov Iron, who taught me Arabic and another million no-less-important things called that game the "Sole Culture". He was right. He left this world decades ago and did not live to see how an entire country,from its prime minister down to the guys loitering on street corners, from the top headlines to the gossip columns, everyone, and I mean everyone, was talking about the worst existential threat facing the Jewish People since the destruction of the Second Temple: Will Israel be ejected from FIFA or not? What will Rajoub do?

One would have thought that this is a valid question in its own right and that everything else depends on its outcome. The entire country came down with Sole Culture Stress Disorder and was shaking with fear. Would that you could have witnessed it, Dov Iron.

Except that at this point I must come to Israel's defense, because Israelis are justified in the feeling that the FIFA issue is a fateful one, that is a manifestation of the Palestinian (a tribal group invented by certain Israelis) desire to wipe us off the face of the earth, not merely from the list of FIFA teams. In their eyes, Israel must not only leave the soccer court, but all of "Palestine" - that is, the land of Israel, named "Palestine" after the Jews' mortal enemies in biblical times, the Philistines, by the Roman Caesar Hadrian, and who have absolutely no connection to the Arabs who invaded Judea much later,  in the seventh century C.E.

What, however, is not justified is the triumphant feeling some of us have now that Rajoub (a convicted terrorist "lifer" who was freed in the 1985 Jibril 'Deal") has generously decided to withdraw the "Palestinian" demand to eject Israel from FIFA. This is a victory, this? The fact that he is stil here is the proof of Israel's failure in its existential battle for surivial on its own land. The very same day he presented his request he should have been thrown into an Israeli prison or, alternately, over to the Lebanese side of the border. for unilaterally turning to international bodies without Israel's consent, in defiance of the stipulations set in the Oslo Accords..

We, however, are the guilty party, because his boss, Mahmoud Abbas, was not booted as far as we can throw him for presenting the UN, the International Court in the Hague and tens of other international organizatons with requests to join them. He is the foremost enemy of Israel and the man who cleverly, moved the fight to the death against Israel to the international arena where Israel is weaker, easier to pressure and has less of an advantage compared to local battlefields.

Under his supervision, the boycott movement flourished, with its twofold goal of laying sanctions on Israel and discouraging investment. Mahmoud Abbas is leading a process that intends to turn Israel into a leper state, rejected by the whole world, including the Jews. Tha is how he intends to defeat and destroy Israel. Yes, to destroy Israel. The truth must be said. To d-e-s-t-r-o-y the S-t-a-t-e of I-s-r-a-e-l. That is what he wants and that is what he is doing. Slowly, but surely.

Mahmoud Abbas cannot apply for a patent for the idea of boycotting us at every turn. That idea was raised beforehand, in the irresponsible words of Helmut Ostrerman (aka "Uri Avineri") and his Israeli leftist friends including Alon LIel, Yossi Beilin, Shimon Peres (the father of the "New Middle East" delusion, who once - in a dark  moment - was chosen to be Israel's president), and other fools who constantly "warn" the Jewish people that their international standing will deteriorate if they do not establish another terror state on the hills of Judea and Samaria for murderers like Jibril Rajoub and his Abbas-type supporters.

It is time to wake up. The battle is not on our place in FIFA, it is on our place right here. The problem is not a group of "settlements" in Judea and Samaria, but the largest f"settlement" of all, Tel Aviv. The enemy is those strangers we brought her ein 1983 to rule over the hamoulot of Hevron, Shechem (Nablus) and Kalkilya. They seek legitimacy for their rotten and corrupt government by waging war against us, and they will stoop to nothing in order to create an image of themselves as fierce and successful fighters. Our leftists are their teachers and guides. For shame.

We have to get real, turn over the table. oust every hired soldier from Tunisia and and tansfer the control of the Arab cities of Judea and Samaria to the local families, creating municipal emirates. Israel must remain in the rural areas forever so as to sure that another Hamastan does not arise wih continguity of  terrorism from the hills that overlook Dimona and Be'er Sheva in the south to the threatening Hermon range overlooking Aful and Beit Shean in the north - and passing the coastal plan and Jerusalem,

Let's tell the truth: the Palestine Liberation Organizaion established in June 2, 1964, three years before the "occupation", was meant to free the "Palestine" that existed then, meaning Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nahariya and Be'er Sheva and not Hevron, Shechem and Ramallah that were under Jordanian "occupation" at the time. The organization has not changed its charter as of today, nor has it changed its goal and its suggested Final Solution for the Jewish People all over the world. This was the credo of its founder, he who established the great Palestinian Nation Lie, none other than Haj Amin El-Husseini, who took an active part in the extermination of half a million Hungarian Jews in 1944.

Mahmoud Abbas, Jibril Rajoub and their fellow-murderers share Husseini's dreams and are trying to achieve his goals without being obvious about it, so as not to wake us up. We are asleep and they are leading us towards extermination, along international corridors, by way of the courtroom - and through  FIFA. According to the Palestine Liberation Organization, all these interantional bodies are gas molecules that will strangle Israel, causing its certain death as soon as they reach the required concentration. All they have to do is open the anesthesia pipeline of "security coordination" to keep us from seeing the fatal gas they are gathering all around us.

This is not about soccer. This is about our existence in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Ariel, from Haifa to Kiryat Arba, from Be'er Sheva to Maaleh Adumim. The Palestine - all of Palestine - Liberation Organization does not want us here and it is time to tell the truth: those Accords we signed with them in 1993 were a strategic error and a fatal step for the Jewish State that followed Arafat as though he was the pied piper of Hamelin and they were a buinch of naive children - fated to be left in a cave with no way out.

It is time to send the Palestine Liberation Organization to hell in a handbasket before it becomes another Hamas state, which is can do by holding elections as in January 2006, or through a violent takeover which is what happened in Gaza in 2007. Is anyone able to promise that this won't happen in Judea and Samaria? Since no one in the world can assure us that this most realistic scenario will not take place, we must take that vital step, and every passing day makes it harder to do that most necessary thing. If not now, when? When should we do it? Should we wait until Hamas takes over and establishes a terror state in Judea and Samaria? As they are busy doing in Gaza? 

Our thanks to Jibril Rajouib, the convicted terrorist who showed us the truth, as if we really needed to be told.