"We Shall Continue on our Path until our Entire Land is Liberated"
"We Shall Continue on our Path until our Entire Land is Liberated"

According to the Obama Administration and much of Europe the Palestinian Authority led by President Abbas desires peace.  But if they really have peaceful intentions why do they continue to talk war in their official TV station? In a May 15 interview on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, Amna Muna, a Palestinian terrorist who was freed in the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap and exiled to Turkey, said: "Nothing will break our resolve - not imprisonment, not exile, and not martyrdom... We shall continue on our path until our entire land is liberated." Muna, who was speaking over the Internet, was imprisoned for her involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Israeli teenager Ofir Rahum in 2001. 

Interviewer: The glorious Palestinian fighter, our beloved sister Amna Muna, is joining us from Turkey. You lost your father while you were in prison, and today, instead of enjoying your freedom among your family and loved ones, you have been exiled. What would you like to say, sister Amna? 

Amna Muna: Good morning to you, Samer, and to all our viewers and listeners. Let me first salute my beloved Palestine and Jerusalem, my hometown, and greet my entire family, my loved ones, and my friends, along with the prisoners and detainees, and of course, President Mahmoud Abbas. Today, I am sharing the Palestinian air with you, even if only through a broadcast. Let me bow my head out of respect and esteem, because the most cherished thing for me is to be in Palestine, even if only over the air waves. Being in prison was a very difficult experience. It was a shock... 

Interviewer: We must linger over what we just witnessed. We must linger over what you just did, sister Amna, because you, a glorious Palestinian woman, are saying to the entire world, over the air waves: What are you doing about the suffering of our people? What are you doing about the suffering of our female prisoners? Indeed, all glory to you, oh glorious woman. Go ahead. 

Amna Muna: Thank you, although believe me, I have done nothing. Our struggle is still in its early stages, and I have not completed my duty. I have done very little, and Allah willing, there is still much to be done for Palestine, which is in need of us all. Nothing will break our resolve - not imprisonment, not exile, and not martyrdom. Nothing. We shall continue on our path until our entire land is liberated, Allah willing. 

[...]From this podium, I say to my family, my mother, and my Palestinian people, to my friends, to my dear ones, and to the world in its entirety: I shall return to Palestine. I shall return to my home, to Jerusalem. Sooner or later I shall return, Allah willing. 

Interviewer: Here in the studio, our sister Umm Wa'd is showing her enthusiasm by clapping. Your revolutionary zeal and determination to adhere to the pledge is evident. January 19, 2001 - what does this date mean to you? 

Amna Muna: Of course it is a meaningful date for me. It is when I was kidnapped from my life. It is the date of my arrest, when I was thrown into prison. It is a painful day of my life, but it is not the most severe pain. I was expecting it. We live under occupation. We are fighters and fedayeen. We expect this. People await martyrdom. So I was expecting that day to come, but it is a day that is seared upon my heart, the day hat I was torn from Palestine. I will never forget that day as long as I live. 

Interviewer: Sister Amna, January 19, 2001 is the day you were kidnapped, and I can assure you that that day will be recorded in the chronicles of Palestinian glory. But they will mark another day too - the day that you will embrace your mother and your family, and you will kiss the soil you love so much. We hold you in the highest esteem, sister Amna. We were happy to communicate with you, and in the name of the Palestinian people, in the name of everyone, young and old, every infant, we salute you, along with all our glorious women. We will meet again, in our homeland, sister Amna. 

Amna Muna: Allah willing. My greetings to everyone.

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