The Saudis Should Break Iran’s Weakest Link: Assad
The Saudis Should Break Iran’s Weakest Link: Assad

The Sunni Arab world has finally congealed against the waxing Persian/Iranian menace.  Iran has exploited its false Shiite Muslim veneer to enslave the entire Sunni and Shiite Arab world.  In response to a blatant Iran coup, Saudi Arabia has commenced bombing Shiite Houthi strongholds throughout Yemen.  Egypt has tasked 4 warships to regain control of the Yemeni side Mandab Straits.  

But, what next?  A southward Saudi ground war against the Houthis where northwest Yemen is just one huge mountain range is, at best, a long war.  The Saudis will have to fight up mountains 3,666 meters high.  Five and half years ago, the Houthis started a border war against the Saudis, and the fighting was brutal.  Even with Yemeni Army help, and Jordanian commandos, after several hard months of fighting over only a 500-meter high mountain, the Saudis lost 133 soldiers. 

Here, with no Yemen Army help, the Saudis would need to scale 3000-meter mountains against the battle-hardened Iran-heavily-armed Houthis in their home turf.  From the south, a Saudi-Egyptian injection of special forces into the southern Yemen cities without a clear supply-line, and where the Sunni traitor Saleh already has deployed his indigenous forces, is equally dangerous.  The Saudi/Egyptian ground force entry into Aden could easily end in Gallipoli-like bloodbath for Egyptians.

I posit that the Yemeni’s Houthis military position in Yemen is now Iran’s strongest military link in its daisy-chain of Persian evil.  On the other hand, Iran’s governor Assad in Syria is Iran’s weakest military link.  Assad is also currently the greatest mass-murderer of Sunni women and children in the world.  Hence, the Sunnis best course of action is to militarily harass and degrade the Houthis and Saleh by blocking Iran’s air and sea resupply of the Houthis, while liquidating Iran’s Assad on the ground.

Here are the reasons:

First, in total opposition to Obama’s “I-love-the-Shiite-Iran” US policy, no less a great US general than General Petreaus recently testified that the Shiite Iran is the greatest danger to the world, not the Sunni ISIS.  Therefore, Shiite Iran is the greatest danger to the Sunni Arabs (and even the Shiite Arabs for that matter).  The Sunni world must expose Obama’s anti-Sunni, pro-Shiite policy shift, and his love-affair with Iran, the world’s greatest state-sponsor of Islamic terror.  The Saudi rallying cry should be “It isn’t not a Shia-Sunni war, it’s Persian-Arab war.”

And, in fact, in Iraq and Lebanon, Obama is repeating the same Yemeni empower-Shiites/bomb-Sunnis game-plan.  In Yemen, Obama’s drones only spied on and attacked the Sunni terrorists, but fed intelligence to and protected the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi terrorists, helping them take over Yemen. 

In Iraq and Lebanon, as long as Obama’s drones are protecting the Iraqi Shiite militias that are massacring Iraqi Sunni civilians, for the Sunnis, it’s a lose-lose proposition.  1) The disaffected Iraqi and Syria Sunnis will migrate to ISIS, and get killed by American bombs.  2) And, whatever’s left of the Iraqi and Syrian Sunnis will be massacred and raped by Shiite militias and Iranian forces. 

However, by Saudi Arabia eliminating Iran’s Syrian governor Assad, the Saudis will have eliminated the Arab core of the cancer itself.  Only then can the greater Sunnis world focus on fighting ISIS directly, hopefully healing Syria back to some type of multi-religious normalcy, and ridding the Sunni world of the Islamic State.

Second, the key Obama-Iran secret agreement underlying Obama’s Iranian nuclear-armament talks is that Obama will protect Iran’s Assad at any The Saudis must husband their order of battle to prepare for the worst...Any reliance on Obama, or an Obama-ordered US defense of Saudi Arabia, is a fool’s game.
and all costs.  However, in liquidating the Assad Regime, the Saudis will have killed three Shiite birds with one stone.   One, the Shiite mass-murderer Assad will be eliminated.  And two, the Obama-Iran nuclear talks will be weakened, and may even collapse, under the weight of Obama’s failure to protect Assad.  Three, the Saudis will put Obama in the shade.

Third, Syria is 80% Sunni and 12% Shiite, while Yemen is 55% Sunni and 45% Shiite.  And both Syria and Yemen have roughly the same size populations of about 24 million people for each country.  By eliminating Assad, a greater number of Sunnis will be freed and in less time. 

In Syria, there are less Shiites that one is going to have to fight.  But in Yemen, the northwest part of Yemen the Saudis would directly invade, holds the majority of the Shiite population.  So, instead of liberating Sunnis, the Saudis will have to fight and occupy Shiites in order to liberate the Sunnis in the south.

Fourth, with Idlib lost to the rebels, Assad is already on the bubble of losing Aleppo and many of critical Syrian cities.  And, there is already an on-the-ground Rebel Sunni force structure.  Instead of using fresh non-Syrian troops, one can flood the more moderate rebel forces with NATO and Warsaw-pact anti-tank weapons, Gustav recoilless guns, M40 106mm recoilless guns, tons and tons of 106mm rounds, and other medium-weight weapons that will rip through Assad’s and Iran’s already weakened and buckling forces. 

The Syrian rebels don’t need manpower, just the right weapons.  Also, nothing will send the Iranians into greater shock than a couple of well-placed Saudi air-strikes against Assad’s air bases that are launching helicopters armed with genocidal chlorine-laced barrel bombs.  Literally and figuratively, the Sunnis will get more bang-for-their-buck by eradicating Assad first, and stop Iran’s Obama-sanctioned genocide against the Syrian Sunnis.

The Syrian Sunnis are enlisting with ISIS in no small part because they see no one else in the world is trying to stop the war criminal Assad and his war-criminal Iranian handlers from dropping genocidal barrel bombs on innocent Sunni civilians.  If the established Sunni countries passively watch Assad committing genocide against hundreds of thousands of Syrian Sunnis, why shouldn’t the Syrian Sunnis flee to the Islamic State?  If Saudi Arabia degraded Assad’s barrel-bomb air-bases, they would become the heroes of the Sunni world and give hope to the moderate Syrian Sunni forces. 

Fifth, by downing Assad, the Saudis would also put Lebanon on the threshold of eliminating Hezbollah, and their Iranian puppeteers.  The Saudis expending significant order of battles into Yemen does nothing to free Lebanon from the tyranny and evil grip of Iran’s Hezbollah.  And, a Lebanon without Hezbollah Lebanon’s Shiites and Sunnis can truly unite to fight ISIS that is a scourge to both Shiite and Sunni.  The Sunnis must stop the Iranian sectarian demolition of the Arab world before it hits Lebanon, or there will be virtually nothing left of the Arab world.  Removing both Iranian Shiite Assad and  Hezbollah, before it is too late, is the only way to stop the Arab sectarian earthquake before its lays waste to Lebanon.

Sixth, Damascus is the geographic heart and crossroad of the Arab world, and Yemen is the tail.  If Assad is eliminated, Iranian dreams of a Shiite Imanate running from eastern-most-Iran to the Mediterranean Sea to Libya will be shattered in one fell swoop.  Contrariwise, any possible Saudi “victory” in Yemen would be worthless if Iran’s Syrian Governor Assad still held sway in Syria and Hezbollah still dominated Lebanon.

Finally, one has to always prepare for a desperate Iranian counter-strike against Saudi Arabia eastern provinces.  The Saudis can’t “win” a hard war in Yemen, only to weaken against an Iranian direct attack from the east.  The Saudis must husband their order of battle to prepare for the worst.  For, if the Egyptians and Saudis violently block Iran’s coming resupply of the Houthis, the worst will come.  The Saudis should tactically thin-out its over-forwardly air-assets at Dhahran AFB.  Any reliance on  Obama, or an Obama-ordered US defense of Saudi Arabia, is a fool’s game.

In short, the Saudis must strike Assad, Iran’s weakest military link, while harassing and degrading the Yemeni Houthis’ by blocking and destroying Iranian air and sea resupply.