It's All the Fault of Bush
It's All the Fault of Bush

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the chutzpa to accept a visit by the Republicans to speak in Congress without asking the White House for permission and not getting President Obama’s approval. The White House’ below-par golfer refused to meet the Prime Minister while he was in the United States because it would be interfering in the Israeli elections. The famous community organizer didn’t want the perception of favoritism towards Netanyahu against his opponent, Buzi Herzog, that might influence Israeli voters one way or the other. To do that would be meddling. Fair?

So what do we hear now loud and clear which previously was only quietly suspected? What is the surprise revelation of the open secret? Why exactly is there now a bipartisan investigation of this revelation? Hold on to your seat.

It seems that the White House occupant, who was so careful not to intervene in Israel’s elections, actually intervened, interfered, meddled and tried to influence the Israeli elections. It seems that Mr. Obama, jumped on the ‘just-not-Bibi’ propaganda bandwagon and employed quite a few subterfuge methods to undermine PM Netanyahu and pave the road for a Labor win.

The famous Chicago community organizer organized quite a substantial organization tasked with the goal of overthrowing the Prime Minister of Israel, the most trusted and reliable ally the United States has in the Middle East. People who worked on Obama’s elections were sent to Israel in order to rally the anti-Bibi forces, teach them and train operatives and to bus as many leftist voters as possible to the voting booths. Three-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars ($350,000) were given to a newly formed organization going by the name V15 – Victory in 2015 - specifically created to meddle, interfere and sway the election in Obama’s direction.  Read again: A leftist, anti-Netanyahu organization was possibly paid for by US tax-payer money. .

During the campaign, Prime Minister Netanyahu indicated that the two-state solution is no longer viable (it never was) and that such a terrorist state We have Israel’s back’ means that the US will stand behind Israel and kick it off the cliff.
will not rise on his watch. Obama practically exploded with rage. You might think that everything else in the world’s diplomatic field is going extremely well for him and this would mar his unblemished record. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine, ISIS and more have all been firmly ensconced in the impeccable Obama political strategy. How could Netanyahu dare to crack that mosaic? How dare he abort the road to Israel’s national suicide? Here he was on the sure path for another unmerited Noble Peace Prize and Bibi was spoiling it all! The man seethed and fumed.

So now that Prime Minister Netanyahu crushed the Obama plan, revenge is on the way both for having the audacity to win and for having the guts to speak up against the obscenity of creating another terrorist entity on Israel’s border. What steps the famous golfer is already taking and will further institute in order to additionally humiliate Netanyahu and pressure Israel are becoming quite evident on a daily if not hourly basis.

Barak Hussein Obama cannot and will not ‘get over the tantrum’ – as John Mc'Cain said. He will now go all out on behalf of the terrorist PA and attempt to force Israel to commit suicide. This in addition to cuddling and fawning over the rogue nation of Iran.

Fortunately, not all Americans are as thick-brained as he seems to think. The frontal attack to punish Netanyahu for burying the ill-conceived ugly concept of a terrorist Palestinian state, is a totally see-through attempt to deflect the growing criticism of the intervention in Israel’s politics. He hopes that his hysterical antics will overshadow the investigation into possible illegal funding by the White House.

Dozens of times, ever since Obama was elected chief-golfer, we heard him and his deft lackeys repeat the same mantra: “We have Israel’s back.”  Under Obama’s watch, it has become abundantly clear that he doesn’t exactly say what he means or means what he says.  One needs to read between the lines and analyze each sentence that comes out from the Oval Office.

We have Israel’s back’ means that the US will stand behind Israel and kick it off the cliff. This was his strategy from the moment he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia and it is now coming into fruition. 

In defense of Barack Hussein Obama: it must be really, really President Bush’s fault. Really.