Southampton Univ. Loud on Israel, Silent on UK Rape Epidemic
Southampton Univ. Loud on Israel, Silent on UK Rape Epidemic

Apparently the British don’t care much for their daughters. That can’t be true. But I only know what I read in the papers.

So I’m reading that it’s beginning to dawn on British parents that their daughters are being sexually assaulted at a rate that can only be called an epidemic. 

Here’s a snippet:

“The scale of the abuse in Oxfordshire, a county in southeast England, mirrors similarly shocking accounts of the sexual exploitation of white British girls by Muslim gangs in Bristol, Derby, Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford, and implies that the problem is not isolated, but endemic.”

We expect this to be happening in Muslim countries like France, Denmark and Sweden. But the English speak our language.

My own introduction into the crisis came some time ago from a report about Rotherham, where the locals took it in stride, that their girls, some as young as 8, were being sexually molested by Pakistani Muslim men. People were afraid to speak up. They’d be labeled Islamophobic. So they let it go, and the raping of thousands continued. Read this for the timeliest drama about the clash of civilizations.

So now we know that Rotherham is not alone. The problem is widespread and you would expect some action to be taken.

Well, yes, absolutely, but not about that – how about this?

The University of Southampton does not have the time and does not wish to be bothered about the fact that its neighbors are being sexually violated. That it’s happening next door and up the street, so close to home, well, well, dear, dear, but there is other business to attend to miles away – namely Israel.

Now the Jews, here is a problem that needs to be solved, again, and so it goes that Southampton, named among the top 10 UK universities, will be hosting a conference April 17 to 19, about Israel’s legitimacy. Does Israel have a right to exist and do the Jewish people have a right to live?

That is not the official wording of the program but it’s close enough and please don’t try to kid me. I hear what you’re saying but I know what you’re thinking.

Europe’s gone brothel again.

The program says that some of the finest anti-Semitic minds have been invited to present their views at the orgy, while pro-Israel speakers cannot be found.

That too is not the official wording, but I am trying to be of service beyond the formalities, which includes Oren Ben-Dor.

He is listed as a distinguished Israel basher and a leading self-hating organizer of this anti-Semitic flogging.

This is still Europe, you know. They remember Auschwitz, fondly.
That is not the official wording in the program. Officially he is a professor of law and philosophy at Southampton, which sounds like a nice job, but he wants more.

He wants Israel boycotted. So do all the other speakers, to a man, and woman. They all want Israel eliminated.

They won’t this say outright. That would be so impolite. But that’s what they mean. This is still Europe, you know. They remember Auschwitz, fondly.

They can’t deal with something happening in their own neighborhoods. Nope. Can’t be bothered, and who wants to offend Islamic sensibilities?

That could be trouble.

But Israel? Always open for business and no trouble at all.

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