A Neglected Issue of the Israeli Electoral Campaign
A Neglected Issue of the Israeli Electoral Campaign

In 1988, when the foreign press in Israel had less staff than they do today, our agency covered the Israeli elections for the New York Times, Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, with a staff of five reporters. 

This was the first time that both Benny Begin and Benjamin Netanyahu ran for the ​Knesset, as Likud candidates, when Yitzhak Shamir was prime minister of Israel. 

Both Begin and Netanyahu focused their campaign message on the lethal dangers of a Palestinian state. 

Both candidates distributed maps of where that state might be postioned, leading to the publication of a book, ​​Can Israel Survive a Palestinian State, authored by journalist Michael Widlanski and published by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

​​Some of the most memorable moments of the 1988 campaign w​ere the constant presentation​s​ by Netanyahu ​demonstrating how shoulder-held missiles ​held by any Palestinian Arab could shoot down civilian aircraft near the Ben Gurion International Airport, which was to be contiguous to the proposed Palestinian state.

The 2015 Israeli election campaign once again featured Netanyahu and Begin as high profile candidates of the Likud.

Once again, both Netanyahu and Begin attacked the idea of a Palestinian state during the campaign, yet neither of them provided clear maps for the public to understand that even low intensity missiles from a Palestinian-controlled area would pose a threat to every resident of Israel.

Less than seven months after 60% of Israel came under missile attack from Gaza, which Israel had retreated from in 2005, the Likud lost an opportunity to make its case clearly to the people of Israel.

The Palestinian State issue is still being promoted by forces attempting to pressure Israel.

This is ​the ​map, published by Mark Langfan of New York in Hebrew and English, that Netanyahu and Begin could have used during the campaign but didn't.

They must begin to show it now:

Langfan Katyusha Graphic
Langfan Katyusha Graphic

You might say that  a picture is worth a thousand missiles.