Netanyahu's Congress Speech May Have Saved the World
Netanyahu's Congress Speech May Have Saved the World

Everyone has heard of the story of the little boy who was the only person to tell the vain, delusional, self-absorbed emperor that he had no clothes.  Well, 47 brave US Senate Republicans have just told Iran that the vain, delusional, self-absorbed President Obama is constitutionally unclothed with respect to his Iran-Nuke-deal end-run around the US Senate. 

And there's only one reason the Senate Republicans took such a bold step: Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to the Joint Session of Congress.  For, as it stands, the only obstacle that could stop Obama's arm-Iran-with-nukes-deal is the Senate Republican Letter. 

Hence, PM Netanyahu may have saved the world from a catastrophic Obama-Iran-Nuke deal.

A little background is in order.  On November 4, 2014, I published an Arutz Sheva news story which outed Senior Obama Administration Foreign Policy staffer Ben Rhodes as saying the Obama Administration was trying to legally engineer an end-run around the US Senate ratification of any Iran Nuke deal.  Here's what I wrote:

Also, after generally explaining that President Obama may receive political flak from his own Democratic Party over an Iranian nuclear deal, Rhodes is heard stating that, "and we [the Obama Administration] are already, kinda, picking through [analyzing] how do we structure a deal so that we don't necessarily require (starts laughing) legislative action anyway. Um, And there are ways to do that."   

Obama was recorded as engineering a violation of the US Constitution by not submitting the Iran Nuke deal to the Senate. 

As the Iranian-Government-backed Press TV reported my remarks  on November 20, 2014 after the 2014 Federal elections which saw the Republicans win the Senate:

"Mark Langfan told Press TV on Saturday that there is no way for US President Barack Obama to reach a deal with Iran over its nuclear program without a green light from Congress.

"Langfan was commenting on a letter to Obama, signed by a group of 43 Republican senators, which expressed 'alarm' at the prospect of a nuclear accord with Tehran."

In the letter, dated November 19, the senators, led by Mark Kirk and Marco Rubio, told Obama that they were worried by "reports that your administration plans to circumvent Congress and unilaterally provide significant sanctions relief under a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran", according to Arutz Sheva.

"What a lot of people don't understand is that President Obama can decide not to enforce the law, but the law is still on the books", Langfan said. "When Obama leaves in two years all those laws are still on the books", if the new president comes in he can retroactively enforce them. 

The Republicans, who will control both houses of Congress in January, have vowed to fight against any changes made by the White House by bypassing Congress.

"Any kind of deal with Iran would certainly be some type of treaty and under the United States constitution a treaty has to be ratified by the US Senate, said the New York-based military strategist."

Therefore, if the Senate letter has slowed or stopped the Obama-Iran deal, Netanyahu and his speech will have been the one and only act which prompted the senators to act and send the letter.  The Senate letter also exposes Herzog's "after the speech and the hugs, Netanyahu will be alone" comment.

Firstly, Herzog's comment deserves the "Fool of The Year" award.  The senate letter proves Herzog is a rank idiot for attacking Netanyahu's speech even before the applause died down. But most importantly, the Senate letter shows that, at minimum, the Senate Republicans will stand with Israel against a catastrophic Iranian nuke deal against a president who has violated every tenet of mutual consensus and comity between the President and the Congress when it comes to Foreign Policy. 

Finally, the most tautological Orwellian Obama argument used by "the let's make an Iranian deal" crowd is: Almost zero enrichment is not possible because now Iran has so many centrifuges and so much uranium, that it's unreasonable to ask Iran to stop enriching.  This translates into, the Obama administration has appeased Iran so much for 6 and 1/2 years, that, at this point, we can't stop appeasing Iran because they'll get upset and use all the nuclear technology and enriched stock that they developed under the appeasing Obama.  

Alcoholics and druggies also say the same thing. They can't stop drinking or getting high because they must get high.  With alcoholics and druggies, you send them to Alcoholics Anonymous, or lock them up in a Drug rehab.  With Obama, the solution is simple, send the entire Obama Administration to Appeasers Anonymous for an appeaser's detox plan.  It starts with first admitting you're a pro-Iranian nuclear appeaser who has allowed Iran to murder 250,000 Sunnis in Syria. 

After the Netanyahu-Inspired US Senate letter, hopefully Obama will seek immediate appeaser-intervention.  Much more likely is that Valerie Jarett will threaten to out Obama's fraudulent Hyde Park real-estate deal with Syrian/Iranian-sleeper agent/dual national Tony Rezko. 

So, don't bank on Obama starting his ten-step anti-appeasement rehab program anytime soon.