In July of the 1973 Season, Yogi Berra’s Mets trailed the Chicago Cubs by 9 ½ games in the National League East.  That’s when Berra coined his famous phrase “It ain’t over, till it’s over.”  Berra’s Mets when on to rally, and win the division title for a pennant ride which ended with the Mets losing in the 1973 World Series. 

If Israel waits “till it’s over” to criticize Obama’s tacit nuclear-weaponization of Iran, it will be over for Israel.  The final countdown to Iran’s annihilation of Israel will have begun.

If Israel waits “till it’s over” to criticize Obama’s tacit nuclear-weaponization of Iran, it will be over for Israel.
John Kerry and Barack Obama aren’t as honest or as funny as Yogi Berra.  But, they are trying to use a variant of Yogi’s famous tautology to deceive people into accepting a fait accompli Iranian nuclear deal when it will be impossible to improve any of the terms.  At a recent Senate hearing, Kerry bloviated:

Kerry: "I can't state this more firmly, the policy is Iran will not get a nuclear weapon. Anyone running around right now, jumping to say we don't like the deal, or this or that, doesn't know what the deal is. There is no deal yet.

"I caution people to wait and see what these negotiations produce.

"Since 2013 we have been testing whether or not we can achieve that goal diplomatically. I don't know yet. But it's the most effective way to solve the problem and we will prove that over the course of these next weeks and months.”

So, Kerry’s and Obama’s newest Big Lie is a retread of Yogi’s “Ain’t over” saying: “How can you criticize the deal, when the deal isn’t final yet?”  The answer is easy, stupid: It’s the range of the base number of centrifuges that the United States has already offered Iran it would agreed to let it keep.

It’s clear Obama has already agreed to Iran to keep, at least, over 6,000 centrifuges.  Israel has maintained Iran cannot  be trusted with even 100.

On to a concrete example.  Let’s say your husband is negotiating to sell your house.  You know the value of the house is over one million dollars: $1,000,000.  But, you overhear your husband secretly negotiating with the buyer where the buyer is offering $100,000 and your husband is asking only $125,000, or at least $875,000 less than you know what it’s worth.  Do you wait until your husband has signed the contract to start yelling at him?  You scream at him immediately, he is cheating his family out of $875,000 dollars.

If your husband is as much of a liar as Obama is and slyly responds to you saying, “Well, we haven’t signed the final contract yet for the $100,000 the buyer is offering, so you don’t know what the final price is!”  File for divorce.  The issue isn’t whether the final number between 100k and 125k has been finally agreed to.  It’s the very range of the numbers to begin with that is the problem.  If the buyer accepts your husband’s current asking price of $125,000, you will have lost $875,000.

With Iran, we are not talking about money.  We are talking empowering Iran to be able to nuke Israel, and wipe 6 million Jews off the map.  So, it’s a bit more serious.

And from the very numbers of centrifuges that are now being negotiated between Obama and Iran, the “best” number of centrifuges Obama is now offering Iran to keep spinning and enriching is so catastrophic that one doesn’t need to wait until the “deal is done” to know it’s a horrible deal.  Obama is offering Iran to keep around 6,000 centrifuges and that is 6,000 centrifuges more than Iran should have.  

You don’t have to be a nuclear scientist in order to understand something is very wrong with Obama’s Iran-nuclear deal.  Obama and Kerry’s hysterical attacks against anyone criticizing the Iran deal’s general outlines is so false that it’s clear Obama has already anointed Iran as a nuclear-weapons’ state.

PM Netanyahu is a modern day hero to fight for Israel and the Jewish people.  Anyone claiming, “It’s personal between, Bibi and Obama” is either delusional or lying.  It’s not personal, although they don't like one another.  But Obama is knowingly enabling Iran to wipe out Israel.  That’s not personal.