We Must All Stand with Netanyahu
We Must All Stand with Netanyahu

The intensity of hatred for Bibi Netanyahu is simply amazing. They are all competing to smear Israel's democratically elected prime minister: from almost the entire Jewish media, a gang of traitors and appeasers, to Meir Dagan, the Mossad's former boss, whose ego can lead Israel to disaster (he will actually appear in a Tel Aviv rally against Netanyahu).

And they are using all kinds of Soviet methods against Netanyahu, from demonizing his "vices" (ice cream) to turning Sara Netanyahu into a kind of Lady Macbeth. They want public opinion to see the Netanyahus as small people. 

I stand with Bibi, now that he is flying to Washington to speak to Congress against the dangerous impending deal between the US and the Iranian mullahs about the nuclear program. If unchecked, Teheran will control the entire Middle East and go on from there. 

All the Jewish writers, the Jewish intellectuals and the Jewish leaders should have supported Bibi, as did Elie Wiesel, a previous Obama's supporter (remember his visit to Buchenwald along with Obama). Instead they are all blaming him, turning Bibi in a sinister figure. Can you imagine a worse cynic than Abe Foxman or the head of J Street? 

I, for one, didn't like Netanyahu's freezing Jewish life in Judea and Samaria. But now Israel's leader needs all of us behind him in this historical mission of stopping Teheran and its allies in Washington, including an anti-Semitic president who despises the Jewish State. 

The Obama Administrations fomented a war on Jerusalem and treated Israel like a banana republic. Obama now wants to force Israel to submissively offer its throat to Iran's knife. 

Netanyahu will also need to be supported because he is under fire from all the Israeli cynics working together, from Tzipi Livni to Yitzhak Herzog, those losers and threats to the Jewish people who might even win the next election. They are all blaming their prime minister now that he is going to speak at Congress as only Winston Churchill did.

And in Israel the two would cede their capital city to their mortal foes and shrink the waist of their nation to 9 miles. 

This is not a partisan issue. It has to do with the security of the entire world. Mr. Netanyahu, go to Washington and tell the entire world that the people of Israel will not surrender but will fight evil to the death. 

Bibi, we are all with you. Truth is on your side.