A Very Historic Moment: Israel Tries to Save the West
A Very Historic Moment: Israel Tries to Save the West

Against President Obama’s wishes, PM Netanyahu will be addressing Congress about the extraordinary danger of a nuclear Iran. Obama’s administration wishes to deflect American concerns about the unenforceable deal it is negotiating with Shiite Iran by conducting a demonization campaign against Israel and its Prime Minister.

If I were Netanyahu, I would schedule Town Hall meetings across America.
I share Jonathan Tobin’s view that Netanyahu should meet with everyone and anyone to warn them about the utter foolishness of negotiating with Iran and the grave danger to American interests if Obama stops Israel and a willing coalition of allies from attempting to stop Iran since America is not inclined to do so and Russia is inclined to further enable the Iranian nuclear enterprise.

Israel has known what it is to live with constant Jihad that cannot be appeased—only militarily defeated, weakened, beaten back. America and Europe are just learning about this but their political leaders are telling them that Jihad and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam, and that what Jihadists need are jobs and an education. This—despite the fact that so many Jihadists are well educated and come from wealthy or solidly middle class families.

Americans had better pay attention to what Netanyahu has to say. So should Europe. Western civilization as well as the Jews are under increasing siege in many ways, simultaneously.  

Home-grown radicalized Jihadists are using their European identities to attack European cities (the recent attacks on both Jews and critics of Islam in Brussels, Paris and Copenhagen); European-born Jihadists with European passports constitute a  steady stream of travelers to Turkey in order to help ISIS in Syria and Iraq gain territory for a Caliphate from which they would be able to launch attacks against European cities from the Mediterranean (ISIS in Libya is threatening Rome and in turn, Rome is in high alert); ISIS is now threatening to kill its captured Christians if Western air attacks against ISIS do not cease.

But there are other looming crises. Sweden has just fired their entire national job agency staff, not only because of corruption and bribery, but because “several aides may have been trying to recruit newly arrived immigrants to ISIS.”

The Muslim birthrate in England has doubled within a decade. An analysis of the 2011 Census by the Muslim Council of Britain suggests that “the Muslim population has risen by 75%;” and “in some parts of Birmingham more than 80% of school pupils are Muslim.” If British-born Muslims as well as refugees are willing to assimilate and become Westerners that is fine—but if many British Muslims believe that ISIS is justified, want to live under Sharia law; and if prominent Muslim spokesmen view the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket Jihadists as justified—then Britain has a problem.

In addition, as usual, the Jews also have a problem.

Al-Shabaab has threatened to blow up large shopping malls in the West, including in America. According to Michael Curtis:

“The key factor, neglected in all the mainstream media reporting on the Shabaab threats, is that the mall in Kenya that was attacked, and those in Alberta and Minnesota that are being threatened, were built by and are owned by Jews, the Triple Five Group. The name of the Group refers to the late founder, Jacob Ghermezian, who came in the 1940s to the U.S. from Iran, where he had started a business at age 17 in 1919, and his four sons, who grew up in Canada. It began by importing and selling Persian carpets. They bought real estate and then expanded interests in the shopping malls, banking, mining, and oil. The founder claimed he had hosted the Tehran Conference in November-December 1943 at which Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin discussed coordination of Allied military strategy against Nazi Germany and Japan.”

The Jews are under attack—and President Obama and his administration are piling on, blaming the victim. Obama is already threatening to hold AIPAC hostage by not going to their upcoming meeting and he and his senior staff are “boycotting” Netanyahu’s speech in Congress. Obama is going to blame Israel and the Jews for his own failed policies.

Netanyahu does not want any policy to stop a nuclear Iran or to stop Jihad  from failing. If I were Netanyahu, I would schedule Town Hall meetings across America; taking ads out in the mainstream media to ensure accurate coverage of what he has to say; and meeting with political leaders on both sides of the aisle in any and all the ways that are possible.