NY Times Lethal Anti-Israel Journalism Strikes Again
NY Times Lethal Anti-Israel Journalism Strikes Again

Like the White House, the New York Times is potentially guilty of incitement to genocide and defamation; certainly, they are guilty of slanting the news about Israel in every way possible.

This time, the Paper of Propaganda, has published a 1250 word piece that takes up three columns on page A4 and another three columns on page A9—and it has four photos as well.

Rudoren has chosen this moment in history to review a new film by a young, Left filmmaker, Mor Loushy, titled "Censored Voice."
Even as the Muslim and Arab worlds are on fire; even as Syria has displaced three million refugees; even as Islamic Sunni terrorists have massacred other Muslims, and have tortured Yazidi women and girls; even as Muslim terrorists are massacring civilians in the West—Rudoren has chosen to feature, in a high profile way, the regrets of IDF soldiers who fought in the 1967 war of self-defense. Now, some claim they have been "censored" and that the "abuses" they committed have haunted them ever since.

Even as Muslim terrorists are be-heading civilians and crucifying Christians, Rudoren quotes one Israeli soldier, who, “fresh from the [1967] front, bluntly recounts the orders from above. ‘They never said, ‘Leave no one alive,’ but they said, ‘Show no mercy,’’ he explains. ‘The brigade commander said to kill as many as possible.’” She quotes another: “All of us…we’re not murderers. In the war, we all became murderers.”

Rudoren has chosen this moment in history to review a new film by a young, Left filmmaker, Mor Loushy, titled "Censored Voice." It has just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film echoes the political views of the Israeli and American Left: The soldiers were prescient in a politically correct—but misguided—way; they feared that the "Arab hatred towards us will be much more serious and profound."

In other words, the Palestinian media is justified when it describes Israel as an allegedly Nazi, apartheid state; after all, a handful of Israeli soldiers agree with this analysis. In fact, one soldier, possibly traumatized by battle in 1967, "likened [the IDF actions] to the Nazi treatment of European Jews." 

That soldier did not know his history and Rudoren's piece justifies Palestinian hate propaganda against the Jews and Hamas's countless aggressions against Israel: the thousands of Kassam rockets raining down upon Israeli civilians, the building of the terror tunnels. Further, such a piece says: Israel is just as bad as ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah. And this is only based upon what a handful of Israeli soldiers have to say about a war fought in self-defense against soldiers from seven Arab countries.

I am reminded of how reverential the Upper West Side crowd was towards another Israeli leftist film, "The Gatekeepers." This 2013 film had former Shin Bet directors on record regretting Israeli policy. Interestingly, four of these six former directors were the men who had gone on record castigating Sharon's "settlement" policy. Sharon caved and pulled out of Gaza, which resulted in Hamastan next door.

Both films (I have not seen the Loushy film), seem to be holding Israel to the highest standards of moral purity—and failing to hold the barbarians to any standard at all.

I agree with Yossi Klein Halevi, the lone sane voice Rudoren quotes. Halevi wrote a book about the Six Day war: Like Dreamers: The Story of the Israeli Paratroopers Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a NationHe says:

“People abroad who don’t remember the way we do the circumstances of the Six-Day War will turn this into one more indictment of Israel. If there were isolated acts of abuse by our soldiers, that should not become the narrative about what the Six-Day War was about. Many of us here are, frankly, sick and tired of the blame-Israel-first narrative.”