Reuters, The Forward and Media Jihad
Reuters, The Forward and Media Jihad

We read that “the Palestinians want to establish a state in East Jerusalem.” Well I want to play quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

I have as much right to this as they have to that, but they keep on wanting. There never was a Palestinian state in East Jerusalem or West Jerusalem.

There never was a Palestinian state anywhere.  Period.

End of story. If only that were so.

Who were their kings? Who were their prophets throughout the Holy Land for some 3,800 years? We can name thousands. It’s in the books. Can they name one?

But they keep on wanting. They want and they want and they want and the news media keeps wanting it for them.

Like crybabies who want the other child’s shiny toy, they want what is not theirs, a thing that never belonged to them. So they go crying to Mommy, in the form of the European Union, or they throw a tantrum for help from their uncles at the United Nations.

Always, though, they can count on the news media to share their unfounded grievances, entitlements and justifications.

If the victims were settlers, implies The Forward, it’s okay. It’s open season.
This then becomes a grand scheme that I have termed the Media Jihad at length here on these pages.

At the moment we are dealing specifically with a Media Jihad taking place at the Jewish Daily Forward, a leftist newspaper that has been post-Zionist from even before there were Zionists. The website Israellycool alerts us to what the coverage was like at The Forward attending to a particularly awful terrorist attack in Israel.

A gorgeous 11-year-old became the latest victim of Islamist savagery. Her name is Ayala Shapira. She was set on fire in the most cowardly act imaginable.

Ayala was riding in the car with her father when the Arabs pounced on her with firebombs. Yes (as in Scriptures) they choose the defenseless.

As we prayed and continue to pray for Ayala’s speedy and complete recovery, The Forward ran with Reuters, so forget tears and compassion and an understanding heart. Forget a moment to pause and reflect. Instead they used the incident to rush their politics, always to the most extreme detriment of the Jewish State.

The Israellycool website provides a more rounded account of how The Forward ran the story courtesy of Reuters. But I choose to focus on two passages, this first: “The [Israeli] military did not say whether the victims of the attack were settlers, who are bitterly resented by many Palestinians.”

Really? So if the victims were settlers, implies The Forward, it’s okay. It’s open season. Jews are fair game. Moreover, this sort of gutter journalism does not trouble itself from separating fact from opinion, as in “bitterly resented by many Palestinians.”

Who asked for the editorial -- and can it be that the “bitter resentment” more accurately expresses the view of Reuters and The Forward?

Sounds like it when we read what comes next:

“Palestinians want to establish a state in East Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank and Gaza, territories Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war.”

Notice each word dipped in poison – “occupied” and “captured” and the most reliable phrasing of all, “Palestinians WANT.”

Yes they want and if Israel is reluctant to give them what they want the news media is always ready to be of service.

I should have seen this coming. But I have not been following The Forward. I had to Google it up and then found something and someone I did know.

Jane Eisner is The Forward’s editor-in-chief. It all came back as I remembered her years at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Along with cartoonist Tony Auth, she managed to infuriate and turn away thousands of fair-minded readers with her toxic anti-Israel rants.

It is one thing to be left-wing. It is yet another thing to be anti-Zionist. But it is something else to be entirely ridiculous, point made by Eisner’s Forward.

Thanks. Now, once again, we know where to go if we want news that is twisted, slanted, biased and laughable.

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