Khamenei's No Nukes Promise is a Hitlerian "Big Lie"
Khamenei's No Nukes Promise is a Hitlerian "Big Lie"

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei is running his propaganda-machine on warp-speed.  Non-stop, Khamenei’s twitter feed is posting claims like “#Iran considers the use of WMDs as an unforgivable sin. Nuclear energy for all and nukes for none.” 

Khamenei has never published an actual ‘no-nuke’ fatwa, or religious edict.  Nevertheless, US President Obama has touted Khamenei’s “no-nukes” Obama has touted Khamenei’s “no-nukes” claims as real and sincere, because he believes anything coming from the Iranian government.
claims as real and sincere, because he believes anything coming from the Iranian government.

Two-years ago, I wrote about a hypothetical, but quite possible, Iranian EMP nuclear attack on Saudi Arabia that would be low-casualty and “sharia compliant.”  Others have written clearly that Khamenei’s fatwa doesn’t exist. 

Now, I have decided to make my point with an uncomplicated analysis, the gist of which is that Khamenei is telling a Hitlerian “Big Lie”.

Adolf Hitler was the megalomaniacal German leader who master-minded World War II.  Hitler called his propaganda theory “The Big Lie”. It was easy enough, he explained, just make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually the world will believe it. 

Hitler successfully deployed the Big Lie theory during England’s Munich 1938 "appeasement” and his subsequent betrayal of Czechoslovakia.  On September 26, 1938, several days before Neville Chamberlain, Britain’s Prime Minister, forced Czechoslovakia to cede the protective mountains of the Sudetenland, Hitler ‘earnestly’ told a huge crowd in Berlin that:

“It [the Sudetenland] is the final territorial demand which I shall make of Europe, but it is the demand which shall not give up and which with God’s help I shall ensure is fulfilled.

"… I am grateful to Mr. Chamberlain for all his efforts.  I have assured him [Chamberlain] that the German people desire nothing but peace.  I have also assured him, and I repeat this assurance here, that, once this problem is solved, there exist no further territorial problems for Germany in Europe.”

Hitler lied the Big Lie and Chamberlain bought it. Hitler came close to winning the war, and 80 Million people were slaughtered throughout Europe.  Chamberlain had this to say about his own catastrophic idiocy, “Everything would have been all right if Hitler hadn't lied to me.” 

What if there had been nuclear weapons in 1938. What if Hitler had promised, like Khamenei is promising today, “No nuclear weapons for Nazi Germany.”  Chamberlain, a war-weary England, and far-away Roosevelt in America, would have likely swallowed that Big Lie.  Had the free-world believed a Hitler “Big Lie” on nuclear weapons, there wouldn’t be a free world today.  And in 2014, if the free-world believes Khamenei’s Big Lie, there will be no free-world at all.

Even without a nuclear-bomb, Iran has propped up Alawite Shi’ite Bashar Assad of Syria with Iranian Shi’ite militias who have mass-murdered close to 300,000 Syrian Sunni Muslims.  If Iran is more than willing to murder 300,000 Sunni Muslims to entrench Syria’s minority-dictator Assad, what would Teheran be capable of doing to the Sunni states, including Saudi Arabia, if Iran possessed nuclear weapons? 

If it is “legally permissible,” or halal, under Khamenei’s religious view, to sanction Iran’s conventional mass-murder of 300,000 Sunni Muslims in Syria, why wouldn’t it be “permissible,” or haraam, to for Iran to unconventionally mass-murder another 300,000 Sunnis Muslims anywhere else?

And how about Khamenei’s incessant calls to annihilate Israel?  Even without a nuclear bomb, Khamenei recently tweeted regarding Israel, "This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of #Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated. #HandsOffAlAqsa. " Khamenei added, the "only means to confront a barbaric regime like Israel is arming the West Bank."

For an Iran lacking a nuclear bomb, for the time being, the “only means” to annihilate Israel is to “arm the West Bank just like Gaza.”  If Iran had nukes, Iran would have “other means” to confront “a barbaric regime like Israel.”

To Obama’s mind, it may seem proper foreign policy to ignore Iran murder hundreds of thousands, or even millions of Sunnis and/or Israelis on its way to a Shi’ite Imanate. 

But the real problem for the continental USA is that Iran likely has whatever nuclear technology North Korea already possesses.   In this regard, Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, the senior U.S. Commander on the Korean Peninsula, recently stated that, “They’ve [North Korea] had the right connections [with Iran and Pakistan] and so I believe have the capability to have miniaturized a [nuclear] device at this point, and they have the technology to potentially actually deliver what they say they have [and] I think they have a launcher that will carry it at this point.”

Therefore, one day we may hear Obama say, “Everything would have been all right if Khamenei hadn't lied to me.”

But knowing Obama, he will more likely, say, “It’s Bush’s fault.”