The Palestinian Arabs of Gaza produce lethal missiles; dig tunnels to bring murderous terrorists into Israeli villages and kindergartens; produce suicide belts to murder and maim civilians, and bring back child sacrifices called human shields (in biblical times, the ancient Canaanites used to sacrifice their children to the pagan god, Moloch).

The embattled and beleaguered Israelis, on the other hand, produce benefits for all humanity as shown below. What a comparison.

In a recent edition of Good News from Israel blog, the highlights include:

Israeli brain surgeons cured a tremor patient whilst she played her violin.

Israeli doctors transplanted a kidney into a Gaza Arab boy.

An Israeli company has developed the world's smallest GPS chip.

A rare female baby white rhino was born in an Israeli safari park.

Israeli factories are being converted to natural gas.

Israeli security systems protect European nuclear reactors.

And there’s much, much more:

Israel’s Hil Applied Medical Proton beam destroys tumors to many of the 300,000 US cancer patients and others who can benefit from it.

Israel’s Syneron Medical can now treat onychomycosis (nail fungus) – affecting 10-12% of the population, which is especially dangerous for diabetics.

Israel’s Foamix Acne treatment knocks spots off alternatives with a 72% reduction in pimples and zero side effects.

Israel’s Teva reported that Phase III trial results for its asthma treatment, reslizumab, reduced the frequency of attacks by 50 – 60% compared to placebo

Israeli agro-tech has been a game-changer for the US State of Virginia.

Israel hosts and protects 33 species of bat that are important pollinators and prey on insects, especially mosquitoes.

Israel’s sea turtles are hatching and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority tries to ensure that there are clear paths to the sea for the newly hatched sea turtles.

IsraAid expertise helped clean up after major Washington state wildfire.

Israel’s Ben Gurion University researchers have developed speech analysis that can profile personality.

Israeli technology chosen by Samsung to enhance HD TVs using Giraffic’s AVA software virtually eliminates the need for re-buffering, to provide reliable, high quality, video downloads.

Israeli start-up backups smartphones while re-charging and all saved to a secure memory stick.

This is just a drop in the ocean of wondrous benefits Israel continues to provide to all the peoples of the world.

Despite the relentless attempts by the Arab and Muslim world to destroy the State of Israel, a world that afflicts humanity with violence, misery and a love of death, that same humanity is blessed through the Jewish homeland with peace, happiness and a love of life.  

What a comparison, indeed - now tell that to the odious BDS scoundrels.