The UN is Unworthy of Shining Israel's Shoes
The UN is Unworthy of Shining Israel's Shoes

So the United Nations has launched another legal and political blood libel against the State of Israel, its officials and citizens-soldiers, this time for the war of defense in Gaza.

It is amazing to observe the moral presumption and ideological arrogance of the world's most absurd organization.

An organization whose "blue helmets" not only drank champagne while in Bosnia people were killing each other, but also sexually abused children around the world, from Cambodia to Kenya.An organization which asked Iran to head its department against death penalty.

An organization which allowed Saudi Arabia to lead the global fight against female discrimination.

An organization once headed by someone whose offspirng managed the world's largest corruption operation (do you remember Kofi Anan's son?) through its channels.

An organization which basically stated that genocide in Darfur is part of global warming.

An organization whose officials compared Jews to dogs (Richard Falk docet).

An organization whose schools shelter Hamas rockets and terrorists.

An organization which has always been deaf and blind on the Israeli Jews' suffering and is now hunting not only the "settlers", but also the Israelis in the Tel Aviv coastal area.

An organization which was born in 1945 because of the Holocaust and which now facilitates another Holocaust by fomenting anti-Semitism in the world's legal offices, by preaching anti-Judaism over the Temple Mount and by downplaying the worst terror organizations.

I hope the UN will fall apart and cease to exist in the near future. Democracies, decent people and Western civilization deserve a better world agency. The Spanish diplomat and writer, Salvador de Madariaga, rightly called the UN "una mierda" (feces).

Meanwhile, the UN is unworthy even of shining Israel's shoes.