He Has No Strategy
He Has No Strategy

The man does not have a strategy. The man sitting in the White House, the man who is supposed to be the leader of the free world, the man to whom the West would like to look to for direction, has no clue, no strategy.

The man who has a definite strategy for employing thousands of agents to spy on innocent American citizens doesn’t have a strategy vis-à-vis the butchers of ISIS.
For over a year, practically on a daily basis, the man who occupies the Oval Office was briefed about the growing threat of a terrorist group which is so brutal that even Al Qaeda has disavowed any connection to it. The man who laid claim to the highest office in the world was told, warned, informed, cautioned, alerted and briefed with precise details about the rise of IS (formerly ISIS or ISIL).

The man who has a definite strategy for employing thousands of agents to spy on innocent American citizens doesn’t have a strategy vis-à-vis the butchers of ISIS.

A former Pentagon official told Fox News that the President was given detailed and specific intelligence about the dangerous rise of the Islamic State as part of his daily briefing for at least a year prior to the group's seizing large areas in Iraq and Syria.

The official – who asked not to be identified because the President's Daily Brief is considered the most authoritative, classified intelligence community product analyzing sensitive international events for the president -- said the data was strong and "granular" in detail. Yet, the former ‘community organizer’ didn’t have the time to organize his cabinet in order to put together a strategy to combat the quickly spreading threat.

Granted that the man is far too occupied with his golf tournaments and fundraising. Granted that his vacations take precedence. Granted that he’s far too busy giving empty speeches which rehash the same mantras we have become used to just so he can regale the crowds (sparse, lately) with promises he has no intention of keeping. Granted all that.

But he’s been elected to run the country. On second thought, that’s exactly what he’s doing: running the country. Into the ground.

The moment this man was elected to office, he did have a Middle East strategy. And the strategy has been working better than under any previous administration to undermine American prestige. The results bear witness to that "brilliant" strategy. Take note of that strategy as it unfolded in Libya, Syria, Sudan, Egypt and the PA. Notice how the prestige of and confidence of world leaders in America has evaporated as that strategy of apologizing and drawing ‘red lines in the sand’ has taken root.

Note the "deep respect" which Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has for his counterpart in the White House. Note how when Putin was duly chastised on the Ukraine issue, he managed to refrain from quaking in fearful anticipation of further US and EU sanctions.

Note the "deep respect" Egyptian President el-Sisi has for Obama and his brilliant staff. Remember how Secretary John Kerry, upon arrival in Cairo, was humiliated by being put through a pat down for weapons? Just like a regular Joe. This was the el-Sisi way to show respect for the US strategy which supported the terrorist Moslem Brotherhood against then-General, now President, el-Sisi. 

Recall how the US President punished Abdel el-Sisi for ousting Mohamed Morsi? In an angry slap at Egypt for ousting that murderer from the presidency, our man in the White House cancelled the financial support granted Egypt every year. That hurt. It was so painful in fact, that Russia’s President Putin immediately jumped in to fill the empty coffers by granting Egypt much more than the US was holding back. Not only billions in cash but huge amounts of ammunition too. How is that for a "brilliant" strategy?

Strategy? How, pray tell, can a man whose supreme obsession and main fascination is the golf score-card, be bothered with the silliness of a strategy against an organization which has vowed to destroy America? Who has time for such nonsense?  

Strategy? He doesn’t have one against a sworn enemy, but he does have one against a close ally, a strategy which has been working out very well. It consists of the constant badgering, ostracizing, threatening, harassing and pressuring of Israel. It is a strategy worked out long before the man ever dreamed of flying in the presidential aircraft, but let’s not go there at this time

What is most astounding of all is the fact that the president seems not much fazed by the brutality and violence of that Islamic organization. He doesn’t seem very much daunted by ISIS. It is most amazing to see how this man works under the fire rushing from the Middle East.

Allies and countrymen alike were stunned at his proclamation that the US doesn’t have a strategy to combat the vermin which are quickly spreading and threatening to engulf Europe. They may have been stunned that his demeanor projects tired aloofness and an I-can’t-really-be-bothered attitude. He took a minute or two to say a sentence or two to criticize the ISIS and to order a few bombings in Iraq. But he also let the ISIS know that they need not worry. The US will not send in troops, because the United States does not have a strategy to combat the growing scourge.

Quick and brief, the entire statement was approximately two-minutes long. The most important development in the growing war of societies was dispatched in a mere few sentences lest he miss his golf game which was scheduled long before the journalist was beheaded and the game couldn’t, under any circumstances, be cancelled. A game is a game. After all, there will be more time for more statements after the game or upon the next beheading.

Oh! The second beheading did happen? Sorry. Still no strategy. Maybe following the next one. Or the next.