2014 Gaza War Lessons
2014 Gaza War Lessons

Here are some preliminary take-aways from the 2014 Gaza War (which may not even be over yet):

1. Obama, not America, is an enemy of Israel, and an ally of Hamas.

Did Winston Churchill ever call and warn Eva Braun to leave the Hitler’s Berlin Fuhrer Bunker before the allies tried to bomb it.?
The Gaza War has proved President Obama, not America, is an enemy of the State of Israel, and an unwavering ally of the Gaza Hamas-Terror-State.  On June 11, 2014, the day before Hamas kidnapped and then brutally murdered the three Israeli teenage civilian boys, “U.S. Senators Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) led a bipartisan supermajority of 88 Senators in sending a letter to President Barack Obama expressing strong reservations about U.S. relations with the newly formed Palestinian unity government [with Hamas].

 “The recent formation of a Palestinian Authority unity government supported by Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization that has never publicly accepted the Quartet principles, represents a serious setback to efforts to achieve peace,” the Senators wrote. “By its actions and inaction, Hamas has demonstrated it is not a partner for peace.” 

Citing the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 and restrictions contained in the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2014, the Senators reminded the President of the legal prohibition on “foreign assistance to Hamas or any power-sharing government of which Hamas is a member or over which Hamas has undue influence.””

Despite the fact that Hamas is a US Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization under United States law, Obama overtly sided with and offered aid money to Hamas from beginning-to-end of the war, incessantly demanding Israel had to “ceasefire,” and lift the blockade.  The only substantive difference with Erdogan and Obama during the war was that Erdogan openly called Israel “war criminals,” while Obama merely publicly laid the legal case for Israel being war criminals. 

Obama’s teleprompter-cue-card support to Hamas on Hamas’ ceasefire demands of opening the port insured Hamas’ continued attacks and the shedding of Israeli blood.  Hamas didn’t stop rocketing Israel because Obama was always Hamas’ ‘ace in the hole;’ and, Hamas knows it.

2. Obama hates Israel, and the US Congress and America love Israel.

Obama is a lost cause.  Israel must focus on the US Congress and the American people.  Israel must go to the mats against Obama, and prepare for the worst 2 and 1/2 years of the Israel-US relationship.  American Jewry must be publicly disabused of the lie that “Obama is the best-friend Israel ever had.”

3. Obama is an enemy of Abbas and an ally of Hamas.

Anyone who thought Obama ever supported Abbas (and Fatah) over Hamas was a fool.  Obama ‘supported’ Abbas only as a useful-idiot strawman to get Israel to cede the 'West Bank'.  Once Abbas signed the ‘Peace’ Agreement/Abbas’-death-warrant and a Palestinian state was created, Obama knew Abbas and his Fatah-gangsters would be mass-murdered and thrown off buildings by Hamas just like they were in Gaza in 2007.  Abbas should now understand that Israel, and the IDF, are the only things standing between Abbas and a very shallow grave

4. Obama is an enemy of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and an ally of Hamas, Turkey and Iran.

Israel shouldn't feel Obama hates only Israel.  In the Gaza War, Obama proved he is a foe of Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well. Hamas can just fire rockets at Israel, but Hamas and its Muslim Brotherhood are trying to actually behead Sisi and the kings and princes of Saudi Arabia.  In short, Obama wants nothing more than to make good on his 2002 Iraq War Speech promise that “You want to fight, President Bush?  Let’s fight to make sure our so-called allies in the Middle East, the Saudis and the Egyptians, stop oppressing their people. . . .”  

From Day 1 of Obama’s Administration, Obama’s Mid-East policies have attempted to overthrow America’s allies, the Saudis and the Egyptians, and replace them with Islamist extremists.

5. Obama will never attack Iran’s Nukes, he will protect them.

The Gaza War proved Obama will never attack Iran’s nuclear program, and will secretly warn Iran of any impending Israeli attack.  If Israel thinks it can rely on American military re-supply in the event of an Israeli attack on Iran and a counter-attack by Hezbollah, Israel better think again. 

6. Israel is an ally of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Moderate Islam.

Despite everything Obama did in the Gaza War to sever the growing strategic alignment between Israel and the moderate Moslem countries, the proto-alliance held firm.

7. Israel can’t rely on America for military re-supply.

Israel has to re-think its entire military supply chain, and, hence, its entire military strategy.  As long as Obama is president, Israel could now well lose a protracted war of attrition-type conflict, and must re-invent its blitzkrieg.  While Obama sent Iran’s ally, Iraq, 5,000 Hellfire missiles and 300M of missiles to Turkey, Obama appears to be stopping any Hellfires for Israel in dead in their tracks. 

By his weapons-supply betrayal, Obama proved any “American peace process security guarantees” in exchange for the 'West Bank' will, in fact,  be worthless.

8. Undetectable Hamas Gaza terror tunnels today, untouchable Hamas 'West Bank' water wells tomorrow.

If Israel couldn’t detect, let alone stop, Palestinians from digging terror tunnels actually into pre-1967 Israel, how is Israel going to stop Palestinian Arabs from digging Western Samarian water wells kilometers to the east of the 'State of Palestine’ side of the Green Line?  Israelis should learn to stop drinking water because after Obama imposes his 'Palestinian state' on Israel (with Herzog’s and Livni’s help), Israel will lose over 50% its water, or 700 million cubic meters of Israel’s water per year, and its coastal aquifers will be salt-water intruded to death.

9. The ‘Peace Process’ is Dead, Bury it For Good.

Bibi must speak the truth to Israel, the Jewish people, and the World, and say: “We tried.  But, Israel can never allow Hamas or ISIS to create 20 Gaza-like booby-trapped terror states in Judea and Samaria inches away from Israel’s population centers.  The ‘Peace Process’ is a Holocaust Process.  And, the world’s Jewish people must rise to defend Israel, or there will be no Israel.”  Let Livni, Lapid, and Herzog campaign in Tel Aviv on a messianic “Let’s create 20 Hamas terror Gaza-states in the West Bank for ‘Peace’” platform.

10. Leftist- American Jews are attacking the Israel and the IDF, when Israelis are dying from their ‘Peace Process.’

Leftist American Jews have funded and supported the New Israel Fund, JStreet and B’tselem with hundreds of millions of dollars.  And during the Gaza War, these Jew-hating groups attacked Israel in the media while Israel was defending Tel Aviv against the Gaza missiles. 

Leftist Jewish frauds like Peter Beinart feign “love and caring for Israel” as long as Israel’s leaders herd Israel into the “Auschwitz Borders” of pre-1967 borders.  But, as soon as the Leftist Americans’ “Peace” fails, and rockets are fired, the very same Jewish Americans don’t admit they were wrong, and support Israel’s defense.  Instead, these Leftist Jewish cretins attack Israel for defending itself.  Their anti-Israel attacks prove their “love of Israel” was worthless.

11. American Mainstream Jewish Leaders are enjoying July and August on, and off, Martha’s Vineyard.

In the face of Obama virulent anti-Israel policy, American Jewish leaders could been seen yachting off of Martha’s Vineyard.  These clones of the Holocaust-era American Jewish ‘leaders’ would kill for seats at Rose Garden "Peace: ceremonies.  But, when Israeli Jews are being killed as a result of American Jewish ‘peace’ delusions, these self-same, self-appointed spineless ‘leaders’ slither away.  With the exception of ZOA, not a single ‘Jewish’ leader would dare risk his Obama White House Hanukkah Party ticket for criticism of Obama on Israel on any issue.  

12. Israel will ultimately lose America if it doesn’t re-brand itself as the Fortress-line for NATO and Democracy, against ISIS and a Radical Islamist Caliphate.

Israel’s re-branding as the “start-up” nation is a total failure.  Instead of winning minds, it has been trumped by the Left’s and Neo-Nazis branding of Israel as an “Apartheid State.”  The only way to defeat the “Apartheid state” label is to clearly show, “Israel, Today; Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain next.”  Israel must explain that Israel is as important to the West and freedom in its fight against radical Islam as Great Britain was to America’s fight against Hitler.  Then, in World War 2, if Great Britain fell, America was next.  Today, if Israel falls, Southern Europe and America are next.

13. Next time, militarily decapitate Hamas Leadership, instead of militarily inoculating it.

At Zero Hour minus 30 minutes, Israel should have first launched a massive decapitation attack against the Hamas leadership.  Enough of the Hamas terrorist-monsters would have survived to quickly sign a ceasefire and eke out a rule of Gaza.  Instead, by the IDF’s slowly escalating its tempo and quality of targets, Israel militarily inoculated the Hamas military leadership to Israel’s attacks by allowing the Hamas leaders more and more time to hunker down, and to better prepare for Israel’s ultimate blows.

Any tactical benefit from Israel’s “go slow,” “measured,”  “calibrated” military approach in garnering “American” support was an illusory strategic gain that disappeared as soon as Obama or Valerie Jarett opened their mouths.

14. The IDF’s ‘warnings’ to Gaza’s civilians inadvertently and perversely, likely, maximized civilian causalities.

Okay, so, which IDF attorney thought up the “strategy” to warn civilians away from buildings about to be destroyed by Israeli planes?  Did they think that Hamas and the Palestinians would think and act like the IDF and Israel?   If Hama thought like the Jews and cared about their civilians, there would have been Peace 80 years ago.  Hamas’ entire “military strategy” to have civilians killed not saved.

Instead, Israel’s civilian warnings to Gaza only insured that Hamas’ military leaders would quietly, calmly, and immediately flee the targeted scenes, and the same Hamas military leaders would then force civilians to stay in the soon-to-be-bombed buildings.  Therefore, Israel’s warning to the Gaza civilians, likely,maximized Palestinian civilian casualties.

To add a historical analogy to this issue, did Winston Churchill ever call and warn Eva Braun to leave the Hitler’s Berlin Fuhrer Bunker before the allies tried to bomb it.  Of course not!  Just imagine Winston Churchill leaving a phone message with Adolf Hitler for Eva, where Adolf related to Eva, “Eva dearest, Winny rang up for you a tad earlier today, and wanted me to tell you to ‘take a long jog’ out of our lovely FuhrerBunker ‘to the other side of Berlin’ around 9pm tonight.  He was very particular about the time, Eva dearest.  That Winston is so thoughtful wanting you to get proper exercise.  It’s such a shame we are in a World War against each other.” 

Warning of an impending Israeli attack has got to be about the stupidest military strategy in the history of warfare.  The world’s leftists will claim Israel is “committing war-crimes,” even if Israel chartered air-conditioned buses for the Palestinian civilians out of the target zones.

See www.marklangfan.com for more information.