Israel Now; Greece, the EU, and America, Next
Israel Now; Greece, the EU, and America, Next
Israel, Western Civilization, and moderate Islam are in for the fight of their lives, but only Israel realizes it. 

Therefore, Jews everywhere must positively engage in the marketplace of ideas, and explain to their freedom-loving non-Jews and Jews that if Israel is destroyed, the destruction of the West and of moderate Islam will all soon follow.  PM Netanyahu just articulated a universal “call to arms” warning amounting to “Israel now, Everyone next.”  We must learn to take the PM's strategic ideas and form them into explainable words, maps, and graphics “so even a caveman could understand it.”

I have created a brief hyper-linked, multi-media explanatory chronology of the “Israel Now, Free-World Next” analysis.  Please watch and read my maps, then decide!

On August 7, 2014, Israeli Prime Minister spoke to foreign journalists stating:

“What you have right now is this terrific conflagration in the Middle East.  You have ISIS taking swaths of Iraq and Syria.  It’s now pushing into, right close to Lebanon and perhaps into Jordan. . . . Now, look, they’re all fighting among themselves, but they all agree that once they destroy, vanquish their Muslim moderates who don’t share their views and they behead them and do horrible things to them - then they have to get to Israel, which is the Western country in the region. . .
Netanyahu to the West: '..we’re the Small Satan. For all of them, you’re the Great Satan.'

PM Netanyahu continued: “Now, this is the danger: that you have 21st century weapons with early medieval doctrines here, wedded together.  And this is a great danger for the world. Israel is on the front line facing this terrible force and should be given support and who is the world supporting? Is it supporting Hamas, this, a terrorist tyranny of the worst kind, that is cruel to not only to us, but to its own people? Or is it supporting this vibrant, beleaguered democracy, Israel, that is trying to legitimately defend itself? And I think everybody should ask themselves that question, because by supporting Israel, you're supporting yourself."

Israel's Prime Minister concluded the interview with CANAL+iTele by stating: "It’s not Israel’s battle. It’s your battle. It’s the battle of France, because it’s the same battle. If they succeed here, if Israel’s the one that’s blamed here and not the terrorists, if we don’t stand together, then this terror plague will come to you. It’s just a question of time. It will come to you, it will come to France."

In his August 7 press conference, PM Netanyahu,  in essence, declared that: Israel is Western Civilization’s first, and last, line of defense against a fatal and irreversible nuclear-armed Islamist tidal wave. How does one take this abstract concept, and practically, calmly, and conclusively explain it to non-Jewish and possibly anti-Semitic, Greek, French, Sunni-moderate Muslim, or Italian next-door neighbors? 

You can explain the reality of “Israel now, EU/NATO/Moderate Islam tomorrow,” not by quoting Netanyahu, but by showing them strategic gaming-maps that are clear and understandable.

To understand and be able to explain to a doubting anti-Semitic non-Jewish next-door neighbor the enormity, relevance, and catastrophic meaning of PM Netanyahu’s briefing statement, let’s review the available visual material:

1. On November 25, 2011, Arutz Sheva ran a news article, “US Topographer: Israel is Greece and Cyprus’ Line of Defense.”

The article stated:
Mark Langfan recently released his "Western Theater" graphic, which provides concrete evidence that Israel is the one and only line of defense against an Islamic Tsunami that will sweep over Greece and Cyprus, the only country that has the capability to wage the war that will protect Cyprus and Greece. 

Speaking in his capacity as an Israeli security analyst, Mr. Langfan said, "without Israel’s order of battle and very existence, it would be impossible for NATO to defend Greece, let alone Cyprus, from a Turkish/Muslim Brotherhood tidal wave which would lay waste to everything in the eastern Mediterranean. Whether NATO likes it or not, Israel is a now the heart and soul of NATO’s southeastern flank.””

2.  The next day, Phileleftheros, the largest newspaper in Cyprus, published a front-page, top-row, full-page news article on the Arutz Sheva Langfan/Strategic maps article featuring the “Western Theater” graphic maps translated in Greek, and favorably reviewing it.

3. On February 3, 2012, Arutz Sheva published my op-ed, “Israel: A Priceless Strategic Military Asset for the US.”  In this op-ed (which has many linked graphics and videos), I wrote: “Without Israel as the bulwark against the waxing Islamic tsunami to the East, there will be a direct Islamic military threat to the very doorstep of Europe.  Without Israel, how many trillions--trillions--of dollars will the US have to spend to defend Greece, and NATO from such “clear and present” danger to Western civilization?  Or, as the Visa commercial would say of Israel’s present-day strategic value to the US: Priceless.”

4. On August 30, 2012, Arutz Sheva published a news story describing a short 4-minute graphic video (which has Hebrew sub-titles) showing the consequences to the remaining middle east of a weakened and destroyed Israel, “How Important is Israel to the U.S.? Check the Map” 

The news article’s author stated of the Langfan video portraying  that “If Israel is destroyed – or even if it is allowed to survive (temporarily) in a cowed, defensive state, the Islamist front, led by Iran, would continue with its agenda to take over the Middle East. First to go would be Jordan, which Syria has coveted for decades, and which Islamists despise because of King Abdullah's ties with the West.”

5. On May 21, 2014, in an Arutz Sheva op-ed entitled, “Israel, the Cornerstone of the Western World,” I created another 4-minute graphic video, ( video with Hebrew sub-titles) (with Spanish sub-titles) and (with Italian sub-titles) and a direct word-for-word op-ed that explained the military consequences to NATO and Russia if Israel were (G-d forbid) to be destroyed. 

I wrote, “So, the cold, hard reality is that Israel is protecting all of NATO, Western Europe, America, and Russia from an Iranian/Muslim nuclear-armed Colossus that will overrun them all before The Morning’s Call to Prayer."

"Therefore, Israel is the first, and last line-of-defense for NATO, the USA, the EU and Russia, against an Iranian/Muslim 370million-man-strong nuclear-armed Oil-rich Colossus"

"A safe and secure Israel is not the cause of world instability and conflict, but the cornerstone of world peace and security. And it is a light of democracy and freedom unto the nations of the world.”

6. Finally, on June 10, 2014, in an Arutz Sheva op-ed entitled, “160M Muslims Against 1M Cypriots = 1M Dead Cypriots,” I concluded:
“In short, if G-d forbid, anything ever happened to Israel, Christian Cyprus would be wiped away by the Turks and the Egyptians before one could say 'Mohammad'.” 

The Greek Golden Dawn Nazis are going to have to make a choice.  Do they want 1,000,000 dead Greek Christian Cypriots, or do they want Greek Cyprus to continue to exist.  If they want Greek Cyprus, they may continue to hate the Jews, but they had better learn to love Israel - and fast.  Otherwise, their Nazi Golden Dawn will rapidly turn in a Muslim Black Dusk for the Christian Greeks in the Mediterranean area.

"It is the Israelis who are protecting the 1 million Greek Cypriots on Cyprus.”

While the IDF men and women, on the front lines, are bravely risking their lives for all of us, the least we can do is clearly explain Israel’s vital strategic importance to the world in the comfort of the rear-echelon.  Everyone must learn to engage and calmly explain Israel’s vital importance to the West and moderate Muslims, or we will all face a catastrophic, irreversible peril.

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