A Responsible Commander in Chief
A Responsible Commander in Chief

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. fighters dropped bombs on Islamic militants in Iraq Friday, carrying out President Barack Obama's promise of military force to counter the advancing militants and confront the threat they pose to Iraqi civilians and Americans still stationed there.

"When the lives of American citizens are at risk, we will take action," Obama said. "That's my responsibility as commander in chief."

The IS hasn’t yet fired any explosive devices, let alone rockets or missiles at these Americans, have they?
Dear President Obama:

I’d like to address you, though I know that you will in all probability never get to read this because anything other than praise is not tolerated in your environment. The sycophantic leftist, biased media is proof of that. But what has to be said has to be said.

Are you a great president? No, you are not. In fact you are quite the contrary and the American people have yet to cast the final vote to decide between you and that other failure, Jimmy Carter.

As an American, I seek your deep concern for the country to make me feel safe in the knowledge that my country is in good hands. The facts show quite the contrary. This country has never been in a lower state of self-esteem and has the lowest possible grade of international confidence in the world.

With this in mind, I would like to address the fact that you ordered the bombing of IS rebels in Iraq because, in your words, ‘…when the lives of American citizens are at risk, we will take action…..that’s my responsibility as commander in chief….’

There is no debate as to the need to bomb, strafe and eradicate the wild killers of the IS. They need to be eliminated before they do to America what they are doing in Iraq and parts of Syria. They are killing everyone they can get their hands on and the sooner they are stopped the safer we will all feel.

However, your statement of concern for the American citizens bothers me. In fact, it bothers me more that in your justification of the bombing you invoked your responsibility to defend and protect the American citizen.

And this is where another factor of your presidency comes into play. You are a very simple, straightforward, unflinching hypocrite. And you are either blind to this hypocrisy or you are very much aware but really don’t give much of a care.

You don’t hem and haw about your hypocrisy and your double standard.  Don’t do what I do, do as I say. Perfect.

You see Mr. President. Prime Minister Netanyahu is the commander in chief of Israel. He is sworn to defend and protect Israeli citizens at least at the same level as you profess for the American citizens. He cannot allow the Islamic militants of Hamas, Israel’s IS, to endanger the citizens of Israel. He has to eradicate the Hamas poison at least as much as you are obligated to stop the IS from advancing.

In retrospect, Mr. President, how exactly is the IS endangering the lives of American citizens? I don’t remember hearing or seeing that these terrorists are firing missiles at New York or Los Angeles? As I recall, there are roughly 800 American troops stationed in Iraq today with an additional few civilian technicians, etc. And to protect these few, you have the audacity to bomb a country which is 6,915 miles from the United States?

Mr. President: I know that you and your apologists (e.g. Geraldo Rivera) contend that your so-called ‘precision bombs’ are so precise, they only kill those who are targeted. Never a civilian. Unlike Israel, that country that 'indiscriminately' drops bombs anywhere and therefore kills so many 'innocent' civilians. US bombs are precise and direct, designed to be dropped only on enemy combatants.

I just wonder, of the 133,000 civilians killed in Iraq, were any killed by American troops? Any at all? Perhaps by accident? Maybe the precise bombs were  not so precise? Just asking.

The IS hasn’t yet fired any explosive devices, let alone rockets or missiles at these Americans, have they? And yet you feel that it is your sacred duty as commander in chief to bomb Iraq? Is that what you call ‘proportionate’ response? A response to what? A possible threat?

Israel is not under threat, Mr. President. Israel is under attack. Thousands of rockets are rained down on Israeli towns and citizens on a minute by minute basis threatening the lives of millions of Israelis and you demand that Israel be ‘proportionate’ in its response to the aggression? 

Gaza and Israel are separated by a few hundred feet and Hamas fires indiscriminately towards centers of Israeli towns in its quest to murder as many civilians as possible and you demand restraint? Is this logic or hypocrisy, Mr. President?

One more point. There are tens of thousands of American citizens in Israel. You ought to be at least as concerned about them as you are allegedly concerned about those in Iraq. You, as commander in chief, ought to send some of those bombers to bomb Hamas who are posing a grave threat to the lives of these Americans.

Or Is there a difference between the Americans in Iraq and those in Israel? Let’s not go there because it is much better to stick to the exposure of your hypocrisy rather than paint you with the ugly color of anti-Semitism.